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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
It will be apparent, therefore, why it is that so few people ever construct thought forms which are of constructive lasting benefit to humanity, and also why it is that the Great Ones, (as They work through Their disciples) are forced to work with groups, being seldom able to find a man or woman whose three physical head centers are simultaneously active. They frequently have to work with large groups before the quota of energy supplied to Them for the accomplishment of Their ends measures up to that necessitated.

It will be obvious, likewise, that the disciple's power for service for humanity is dependent largely upon three things: [967]

  1. The state of his bodies and their egoic alignment.
  2. The condition of activity present in the physical head centers.
  3. The circulatory action of the triangular transmission of force.

These factors are again dependent upon others, among which might be enumerated:

  1. The ability of the disciple to meditate.
  2. The capacity he displays for bringing through accurately from the subtler levels the plans and purposes of which his Ego is cognizant.
  3. The purity of his motives.
  4. His power to "hold a state of meditation," and while in that state begin to build the form for his idea, and thus materialize the plan of his Ego.
  5. The amount of energy he can pour later into his thought form and thus procure for it a period of existence, or its tiny "day of Brahma."

These subsidiary factors are again dependent upon:

  1. His place on the ladder of evolution.
  2. The condition of his bodies.
  3. His karmic condition.
  4. The tenuosity of the etheric web.
  5. The caliber of his physical body, and its relative refinement.

It is necessary here to warn the student against the error of making any hard or fast rule anent the sequential order of the development of the physical head centers, and the vitalization of the force centers. This process is incident upon many things, such as the ray upon which the monad may be found, and the nature of the development in the past incarnations. Nature, in all departments of her corporate life, parallels her efforts, and overlaps her various processes, and it takes a seer of [968] vast wisdom and experience to state exactly the stage at which any particular unit of the human family may be. He that is wise always refrains from assertion until he knows.

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