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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals

The dual forces on the plane whereon the vital power must be sought, are seen; the two paths face the Solar Angel; the poles vibrate. A choice confronts the one who meditates.

Upon the astral plane the thought form must now function, and a body must be provided so as to make this possible. The energy of desire enters it, and "he who meditates" has to energize the form with one of two types of force before it passes into objectivity. Upon the action taken depends the construction of the etheric body, and the consequent physical manifestation. This point is but little realized by the average thinker, but the parallel with his own life experience is exact, as is the correspondence with the cosmic process. The "nature of the deva" (as it is called), enters in, and upon the quality of its love nature, and the specific type of that which is the object of love will depend the nature of the thought form. If the deva, or solar Angel, is as yet in love with manifestation, and has a desire for objective existence, thus identifying himself voluntarily with substance, there ensues the phenomenon of reincarnated physical life. If the deva, or solar Angel, is no longer attracted by matter, then there is no identification, and objective life is no longer the law of his existence. He identifies himself then with quality, or energy, and becomes an expression of the divine attributes. Objectivity may then ensue as a voluntary offering to the good of the group or planetary existence, but identification with the separated form is no longer the case. The human vehicle then created is as much a thought form in this case as any other particularized idea, and [1014] the greatest act of conscious magic is to be seen. All other magical creations are subsidiary to this. Through manipulation of negative and positive energy, thus bringing them to the point of equilibrium before informing them, the perfected body of the Adept is formed. All magical work on the astral plane has to be along the line of equilibrising activity, and the distinctive nature of this type of work on the three planes in the three worlds might be summed up as follows:

  • On the mental plane, the positive force of the solar Angel drives the substance needed into the correct form.
  • On the astral plane, the equilibrizing force of the solar Angel gathers the needed material and energy from all directions and builds it into the necessary astral sheath.
  • On the physical plane the negative force of the solar Angel is all that is needed to gather the desired etheric substance. By this I mean the form has now achieved a vitality and distinction of its own, so that no aggressive action emanating from the egoic center is required to continue the work. The note and vibration of the form itself suffices.
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