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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind
1. The Law of Expansion

This law of a gradual evolutionary expansion of the consciousness indwelling every form is the cause of the spheroidal form of every life in the entire solar system. It is a fact in nature that all that is in existence dwells within a sphere. 6 The chemical atom is spheroidal; man [1041] dwells within a sphere, as does the planetary Logos and the solar Logos, this sphere being the form matter takes when its own internal activity, and the activity of the form are working in unison. It requires the two types of force - rotary and spiral-cyclic - to produce this. Scientists are beginning to recognize this more or less, and to realize that it is the Law of Relativity, or the relation between all atoms, which produces that which is called Light, and which, in its aggregated phenomena, forms that composite sphere, a solar system. The motion of the constellations external to the solar sphere is responsible for its form in conjunction with its own rotary motion in space. As the wave lengths of the light from the constellations, and their relation to the sun are better understood, and as the effect of those wave lengths or light vibrations (which are either attractive to, or repulsive to, the sun) are understood, much will be revealed. Little has as yet been grasped as to the effect [1042] those constellations in the heavens (which are antagonistic to the solar system), have upon it, and whose wave lengths it will not transmit, whose rays of light do not pierce (if it might be expressed in so unscientific a manner) through the solar periphery.

We are told in the Secret Doctrine that "the seven solar Rays dilate to seven suns and set fire to the whole cosmos." (S. D., II,72) This it is which produces that final burning which ushers in the great pralaya, and brings to an end the logoic incarnation. It is produced under this Law of Expansion, and causes that eventual merging and blending of the seven sacred planetary schemes which marks the achievement of the goal, and their eventual perfection.

In occult literature this term "Law of Expansion" is limited to the discussion of the seven Rays, and to the subject of the planetary initiations. When dealing with the expansions of consciousness of the human being, and his initiations, we group them under the second "Law of Monadic Return."

Students should here remember that we are dealing with the expansions of consciousness of a planetary Logos through the medium of:

  1. The chains.
  2. The rounds.
  3. The kingdoms of nature.
  4. The root races.

6 The Atom . - S. D., I, 113, 566. It is on the illusive nature of matter and the infinite divisibility of the atom that the whole Science of Occultism is built.

  1. Everything is atomic - God, Monads, atoms.
    1. The sphere of solar manifestation - God.
      The mundane egg. The logoic auric egg - Macrocosm.
    2. The sphere of monadic manifestation - Monads.
      The monadic auric egg - Microcosm.
    3. The sphere of the ultimate physical atom - Atoms.
  2. The solar system is a cosmic atom.
  3. Each plane is an atom or complete sphere.
  4. Each planet is an atom.
  5. Each Heavenly man is an atomic unit.
  6. Each human Monad is an atom in the body of one of the Heavenly Men.
  7. The causal body is an atom, or sphere.
  8. The physical plane elemental is an atomic unit.

What is an atom?

  1. A sheath formed of the matter of the solar system in one or other of its seven grades and indwelt by life of some kind.
    1. Absolute intelligence informs each atom. - S. D., I, 298.
    2. Absolute life informs each atom. - S. D., I, 278, 281; II, 742, note.
  2. Atoms and souls are synonymous terms. - S. D., I, 620-622.
    1. In this solar system atoms and souls are synonymous terms.
      The Primordial Ray plus the Divine Ray of Wisdom.
    2. In the previous solar system atoms and mind were probably synonymous terms. It resulted in the Primordial Ray of active intelligent matter, the basis of the present evolution.
    3. In the next system atoms and the third factor, pure spirit may be synonymous terms. The Primordial Ray and The Divine Ray plus the third cosmic Ray of Will or Power.
  3. Atoms are inseparable from Spirit. - S. D., I, 367.
    1. They are the sheaths through which the informing God manifests.
    2. The form of the sheath is a sphere.
    3. The quality of the sheath is latent love.
    4. The matter of the sheath is active intelligent substance.
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