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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind
It should be remembered that the consciousness He is in process of developing is that of the absolute will and purpose of the solar Logos, as it is the expression of the desire of the cosmic Logos. 8 Therefore, the expansions might be grouped as follows: [1043]
  1. The solar Logos expands His consciousness to include the desire of the cosmic Logos.
  2. The planetary Logos expands His consciousness to measure up to the will and purpose of the Solar Logos.
  3. The Lords of the Chains are working at the desire consciousness (the love nature) of the planetary Logos.
  4. The informing Lives of the globe in the chain are working at the intelligent consciousness of the planetary Logos.

This can be worked out in connection with a globe in a chain (such as our earth-chain) in the following manner.

  • The Lord of the world, the planetary Logos, in physical incarnation, works at His own peculiar problem, the bringing through (into physical manifestation upon the planet) of the purpose or will of the solar Logos in any particular scheme. This He does through meditation.
  • The totality of Dhyan Chohans of the fifth or spiritual kingdom are occupied with the working out into active manifestation of the will and purpose of the planetary Logos.
  • The human family, or the fourth kingdom, is seeking to make manifest the desire, or love nature, of the planetary Logos.
  • The three subhuman kingdoms have for objective the [1044] manifesting of the intelligent nature of the planetary Logos.

All this done under the Law of Expansion, by the method of spiraling progression, cyclic growth, rotary repetition, and the summation of each greater spiral is the expansion of the consciousness into that of the sphere which enclosed the lesser ovoid, and the escape of the life imprisoned in the sphere. It is merged in its greater whole. As the fires of the sphere concerned blaze up, the "fire by friction" which produces rotary motion, and "solar fire," which is the basis of the spiral-cyclic activity, blend and merge. The ring-pass-not of the confining spheroidal wall is negated, and a blaze results.

The old Commentary expressed this as follows in connection with the planets, and it is equally, though relatively, true, of the atom of substance, or the solar atom:

1. "The life pulsates, and the pole performs its function. The sphere revolves in many cycles. As it revolves it senses other spheres, and seeks to know their secret.

2. They meet each other. They seek a greater intimacy or reject with hatred any more approach. Some pass away; others return and marry. They know each other. They spiral through their courses hand in hand. Through union the fires blaze up, the two become the one, and live again in their Son, who is the Third."

Through the study of these significant words students may learn somewhat concerning "polar affinity," the "Marriage in the Heavens," the transference of the germs of life from the male attractive planet to the negative and receptive one, and finally, at a later period, the absorption of the life of the two planets by a third planet, who is called occultly "the Son." This refers to the synthesizing planet which forms the apex of the solar triangle.

In summing up the effect of the union of individual atomic rotary motion and the spiral cyclic activity of all [1045] atomic groups, it is necessary to point out, therefore, that the following units are affected.

  • The essential individual atom. Its evolutionary progress towards self-determination is brought about by the effect of its group activity, or the motion of the form modifying its own inherent action.
  • The atomic form, likewise an atomic unit, rotating on its own axis and influenced and driven towards the center of force of a higher macrocosm by the activity of its embracing kingdom.
  • The human atom, self-determined and individual, yet driven progressively forward by the influence of its group, or the potent activity of the Heavenly Man in Whose body it is the cell.
  • The planetary atom, equally self-determined, a composite of all planetary groups, rotating on its own axis, yet conforming to the cyclic-spiraling action, induced by the activity of the greater sphere in which it finds its place.
  • The solar Atom, also an individualized Life, the Son in incarnation, through the medium of the Sun, pursuing its own inherent cycle, yet spiraling in cyclic fashion through the heavens, and therefore, progressing through the effect of the extra-cosmic active Lives who either attract or repulse it.

These are the main sets of atomic groups, but there are many intermediate forms upon which it is not possible as yet to touch. All in nature affects that which it contacts, and these effects work either as

  1. Attractive or repulsive impulses.
  2. Retarding or accelerating impulses.
  3. Destructive or constructive impulses.
  4. Devitalizing or stimulating impulses.
  5. Energizing or disintegrating impulses.

Yet all can be expressed in terms of negative and [1046] positive force, manifesting as rotary or spiral activity. The lesser cycle can, from certain angles of vision, be regarded as appertaining to the rotary activity of certain atomic forms, and the greater cycles, which are so much more difficult for man to follow, as relating to the spiral action of the enclosing Life of the greater sphere. Every atom is part of a greater whole, even the solar atom is not a separated Life but a fragment of an immensity of Existence beyond the ken of man, and which is but dimly cognized by the most advanced Dhyan Chohan.

8 The four subdivisions of desire should be studied in the Brahmana of the Sama-veda. (1) The desire to know; whence (2) the desire to possess; thereafter (3) the desire to secure possession, i.e., to take the necessary steps, the action, that will bring possession; and finally (4) the attainment - these respectively are the four subdivisions, cognitive desire, desire proper, active desire and summation desire.

"The ruler of desire is Shiva and his instruction to his subhierarchs takes this shape: Behold, our work is the work of destruction. The order and the way thereof are these. This should be destroyed first, this afterwards; and such and such work of the nature of negation should be performed. First, make enquiry, entertain the 'desire to know,' and thoroughly and fully understand the nature of the I and the This. Then entertain the desire to possess, 'I shall obtain the This and the I.' Having obtained them, you will pass on to the Negation, to the declaration, 'no (I want them no more).' In the Negation is the summation, sam-a-hara, 'bringing all together,' and it is the sam-hara also, the 'taking all in,' reabsorption, destruction."
- Pranava-Vada, p. 304.

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