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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind
It was in connection with this transmutative process that the alchemists of old occupied themselves, but seldom did they reach the stage wherein it was possible for them to concern themselves with the response of the two types of positive energy to each other, and with the consequent escape of a lesser positive force to its greater attractive center. When they did (with a few exceptions) they were brought up against a dead wall, for though they had succeeded in locating the radiating principle in substance, or in the true form, and had managed to pierce through (or to negate) both the dense physical [1066] body and the etheric form, yet they had no perception of the nature of the central force which was drawing the life they were concerned with out of its apparently legitimate sphere into a new realm of activity. Some few did possess this knowledge but (realizing the danger of their conclusions) refused to put in writing the result of their investigations.

If students will study the laws of transmutation, 11 as already apprehended, and above all, as incorporated in the writings of Hermes Trismegistus, bearing this in mind, some interesting results might be brought about. Let them remember that that which "seeks liberty" is the central electric spark; that this liberty is achieved first of all through the results brought about by the activity of the "frictional fire" which speeds up its internal vibration; then by the work upon the atom, or the substance of solar fire, which causes:

  1. Orbital progression,
  2. Simulative vibration,
  3. Awakened internal response,

until finally electric fire is contacted. This is true of all atoms: [1067]

  1. The atom of substance,
  2. The atom of a form whatsoever it be,
  3. The atom of a kingdom in nature,
  4. The atom of a planet,
  5. The atom of a solar system.

In every case the three fires or types of energy play their part; in every case the four stages are passed through; in every case transmutation, transference, or radiation takes place, and the result of the escape of the central positive energy is achieved, and its absorption into a greater form, to be held in place for a specific cycle by the stronger energy.

This process of rendering radioactive all the elements has, as we have seen, occupied students down the ages. The alchemists of the middle ages beginning with the simpler elements and starting with the mineral kingdom sought to find out the secret of the liberating process, to know the method of release, and to understand the laws of transmutation. They did not succeed in the majority of cases because, having located the essence, they had no idea how to deal with it when released, nor (as we have seen) had they any conception as to the magnetic force which was drawing the released essence to itself.

To comprehend the law and therefore to be able to work perfectly with it, the experimenting student must have the ability to release the essence from its form. He must know the formulae and words which will direct it to that particular focal point in the mineral kingdom which stands in the same correspondential relation to the mineral monad as the Ego on its own plane stands to the man who casts off his physical and true forms through death. This involves knowledge only committed to the pledged disciple; if chance students stumble upon the law, and theoretically know the process, they would do well to proceed no further until they have learned how [1068] to protect themselves from the interplay of forces. As we well know, the workers with radium, and those who experiment in the world's laboratories, suffer frequently from loss of limb or life; this is due to their ignorance of the forces they are dealing with. The liberated essences become conductors of the greater force which is their magnetic center, because they are responsive to it, and it is this force which produces the distressing conditions sometimes present in connection with radioactive substances. Every radioactive atom becomes, through this conductive faculty, a releasing agent; and they consequently cause what we call burns. These burns are the result of the process of releasing the essential life of the atom of physical substance being dealt with.

11 In connection with Transmutation the following ancient formula is of interest. It was the basis of the alchemical work of olden days.

"True, without error, certain and most true; that which is above is as that which is below and that which is below is as that which is above, for performing the miracles of the one Thing; and as all things were from one by the mediation of one so all things arose from this one thing by adaptation.

The Father of it is the sun, the mother of it is the moon; the wind carries it in its belly and the Mother of it is the earth. This is the Father of all perfection, and consummation of the whole world. The power of it is integral if it be turned into earth.

Thou shalt separate the earth from the fire and subtle from the gross, gently with much sagacity; it ascends from earth to Heaven, and again descends to earth; and receives the strength of the superiors and the inferiors - so thou hast the glory of the whole world; therefore let all obscurity fly before thee. This is the strong fortitude of all fortitudes, overcoming every subtle and penetrating every solid thing. So the world was created."
- Emerald Tablet of Hermes.

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