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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind
There might here be noted the curious phenomenon, in the human kingdom which is erroneously termed the prolongation of life; it might more truthfully be called the perpetuation of the form. Medical science today strains every effort to retain life in forms diseased and inadequate; these Nature, if left to herself, would long ago have discarded. They thereby imprison the life, and force back the life essence again and again into the sheath at the moment of liberation. In course of time and with more knowledge, true medical science will become purely preventative. It will concentrate its ability on preserving the atomic life of the human atom, and at furthering the preservative protective processes, and the functionary smoothness of the atomic rotary life, thus conducing to the correct following of the human orbital path. But further than that it will not go, and when the course of nature has been run, when the wheel of life has run down, when the hour for liberation has struck, when the time has come for the return of the essence to its center, then the work will be recognized as completed, and the form discarded. But this will not, however, be possible until the human family has reached a stage [1069] when, through pure living and clean thinking, the present corruptions have been eliminated. Men will then function on into old age, or until the Ego, realizing the particular work to be accomplished in any one life has been duly worked out, calls in the lower spark of life, and withdraws the central point of fire. This naturally presupposes knowledge and faculties at present lacking.

All these thoughts can be extended to include entire kingdoms of nature, the globes of a chain, the chains themselves, a planetary scheme or a solar system.

The moon is an interesting instance of the transmutative or liberating process practically completed in a globe: the essential life of the human kingdom has withdrawn and found a new field of expression. All animal life has equally been absorbed by a greater center in another chain. Practically the same can be said of the vegetable kingdom on the moon though there are a few of the lower forms of the vegetable life (of a kind unrecognizable by us) still to be found there; whilst the mineral kingdom is radioactive and the essence of all mineral forms is fast escaping.

In connection with the kingdoms of nature, it must be remembered that their growth and eventual radiation is dependent upon the cyclic purpose of the planetary Logos, and upon the currents of force which play upon His planetary body, and which emanate from other planetary schemes.

All atoms become radioactive as the result of a response to a stronger magnetic center which response is brought about through the gradual evolutionary development of consciousness of some kind or another. This is known to be true in a small degree in connection with the mineral kingdom though scientists have not yet admitted that radiation is thus caused. Later they will, but only when this general theory which is here laid down in connection with all atoms is admitted by them to be a plausible [1070] hypothesis. Then the goal of their endeavor will be somewhat changed; they will seek to ascertain through clear thinking and a study of the involved analogy what focal points of magnetic energy may be regarded as existing, and how they affect the atoms in their environment. One hint only can here be given. Light upon these dark problems will come along two lines.

First, it will come through the study of the place of the solar system in the universal whole, and the effect that certain constellations have upon it; secondly, it will come through a close study of the effect of one planetary scheme upon another, and the place of the moon in our own planetary life. This will lead to a close investigation of polar conditions in the earth, of the planetary magnetic currents, and of the electrical intercourse between our earth, and the Venusian and Martian planetary schemes. When this has been accomplished, astronomy and esoteric astrology will be revolutionized, and the nature of solar energy as an expression of an Entity of the fourth rank will be appreciated. This will come at the close of this century after a scientific discovery of even greater importance to the scientific world than that as to the nature of the atom. Until that time it will be as difficult to express the hylozoistic conception in terms of exact science as it would be for the sixteenth century ancestor of present humanity to conceive of the atom as being simply an aspect of force, and not objective and tangible. Hence further elucidation will but serve to confuse.

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