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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind
In considering this vast subject of radiation, which is the result of spiral-progressive movement, it might be of interest if I here pointed out that in every kingdom of nature there are certain focal points of energy which, as the aeons gradually sweep along, bring the atomic substance of which all forms in all kingdoms are composed to the point where they become radioactive and achieve [1071] liberation. (The term "liberation" really means the ability of any conscious atom to pass out of one sphere of energized influence into another of a higher vibration, of larger and wider expanse of conscious realization.)

Broadly speaking, it might be said that:

The mineral kingdom is responsive to that type of energy which is the lowest aspect of fire, of those internal furnaces which exert an influence upon the elements in the mineral world, and which resolve these atomic lives into a gradual series of ever-higher types of mineral energy. For instance, the type of energy which plays upon iron ore, or which produces tin, is emanated from a different center in the body of the Entity informing the mineral kingdom to that which converts the elements into those wondrous jewels, the diamond, the sapphire, the emerald or the ruby. The energy of the particular center involved is likewise responsive to force originating in the center in the body of the planetary Logos - which center depends upon the kingdom to be vivified. In dealing with these kingdoms, therefore, the relations might be briefly indicated:

Kingdom - Planetary Center

  1. Human - Heart center.
  2. Animal - Throat center.
  3. Vegetable - Solar plexus.
  4. Mineral - Spleen.

The planetary egoic center is, of course, the transmitter to all the others, and it should be borne in mind in this connection that every center transmits three types of force, with the exception of the spleen which hands on the solar fires, pranic force, pure and simple. Students will eventually ascertain how to group the various types in the different kingdoms according to the type of energy they display in fullest measure, remembering that only in the fourth kingdom, the human, is the highest of the three types (that which produces self-consciousness) [1072] manifesting; in the others it is latent. This will become apparent if the method of lunar individualization, is studied.

The vegetable kingdom is responsive to the particular type of energy which produces the phenomenon of water, or moisture. Through the effect of water every higher type of plant life is evolved, and through the combination of heat and water results are brought about which produce new types. The herbal scientist who is producing new species is really occupied with the effect of sex energy in the second kingdom of nature; he will do well to deal with all plant life as energy points responsive to other and greater energy centers. Much will be learned along this line when electricity and colored lights are more freely used in experimental stations. Sex, in the mineral kingdom, or chemical affinity, is the display in that kingdom of the second type of magnetic force; in the vegetable kingdom the same thing can be studied in the seed life, and in the fertilization processes of all plants. Neptune, the God of the Waters, has a curious relationship to our planetary Logos, and also to the Entity Who is the informing life of the second kingdom.

The animal kingdom is responsive to a type of energy which is neither fire nor water but is a combination of the two. They are also the first of the kingdoms on the physical plane to be responsive to sound, or to the energy emanating from that which we call noise. This is an occult fact worthy of close attention. The energy emanating from the Entity Who is the informing Life of the third kingdom in nature has five channels of approach, that is five centers. That animating the fourth kingdom has seven, for the mind and the intuition are added. In the second kingdom there are three centers, but their manifestation is so obscure as to seem practically non-existent to the human mind. In the first or mineral kingdom, the avenue of approach is limited to one center. [1073] It will be observed, therefore, that the stimulation of magnetic energy proceeds from what might be regarded as jumps, 1-3-5-7. Each kingdom starts with a specific equipment, and during the process of evolution within the kingdom adds to it so that the liberated life enters the next kingdom with its old equipment plus one.

The human kingdom is equally responsive to energy. This time it is the energy of fire at its highest manifestation in the three worlds. It must be borne in mind that we are referring to the positive energy of the greater Whole as it affects the lesser positive energetic points. We are not referring to form energy.

The atom becomes responsive to form energy or to that which surrounds it. It becomes conscious and then becomes responsive to the force of the kingdom in which it is a part. It gradually becomes responsive to stronger influences or to the force emanating from the Entity Who is the life of that kingdom.

Finally, the atom becomes conscious of planetary energy, or responsive to the Heavenly Man Himself. It then transcends the kingdom in which it has been, and is elevated into another kingdom in which the cycle is again repeated.

This can all be expressed in terms of consciousness but in this section we will limit the thought simply to that of energy. In summation it might be said that:

  1. The planetary Logos has seven centers, as has man.
  2. The informing Life of the animal kingdom has five centers, and the animal kingdom has five prototypes on the archetypal plane, whereas man has seven prototypes.
  3. The informing Life of the vegetable kingdom has three centers of force on His Own plane, and there are, therefore, but three basic types of plant life. [1074] All that we know are but differentiations of those three.
  4. The informing Life of the mineral kingdom works through one center.
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