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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind
b. Radiation in the Five Kingdoms

We have seen that the cause of radiation is the response of the positive life in any atom to the attractive power of the positive life in a greater atom. Expressed in other words, we might say that the deva life of any atomic form proceeds with its evolution, and by a series of "releases" transfers itself during the manvantaric cycles out of one kingdom into another until every atom has achieved self-determination, and thus the purpose of the Heavenly Man for any particular mahamanvantara is satisfactorily accomplished. As might be expected, therefore, when the subject is viewed as a whole and not from the standpoint of any one kingdom, there are in the evolutionary process five major at-one-ments.

  1. At-one-ment with the mineral kingdom.
  2. At-one-ment of the mineral monad with the vegetable kingdom.
  3. At-one-ment of the vegetable monad with the animal kingdom.
    The progressive life has now made three at-one-ments or expanded its realization three times.
  4. At-one-ment with the human kingdom.
  5. At-one-ment with the Heavenly Man or with the great planetary life.

Along these five stages, one of them is considered in this solar system to be the most important, and that is the at-one-ment with the human kingdom. For this particular greater cycle, the goal of evolution is man; when individualization is achieved and self-determination is awakened, the Monad or Divine Pilgrim has attained that which expresses the logoic purpose most perfectly. The [1075] later stages but set the crown upon the victor, and the final at-one-ment with the divine Self is but the consummation of the fourth stage. Students will find it of interest to work out the correspondence between the five initiations and these five unifications. There is a close connection between the two. By understanding the laws of the different kingdoms, much can be learned anent the conditions governing the five Initiations. It will be found that the initiations mark stages in response to contact and to realization which have their interesting germs in the five kingdoms.

It might here be pointed out with propriety that radiation is the result of transmutation; transmutation marks the completion of a cycle of rotary-spiraling activity. No atom becomes radioactive until its own internal rhythm has been stimulated to a point where the positive central life is ready for the imposition of a higher vibratory activity, and when the negative lives within the atomic periphery are repulsed by the intensity of its vibration, and are no longer attracted by its drawing qualities. This is due to the coming in and consequent response to the magnetic vibration of a still stronger positive life which releases the imprisoned central spark and causes what might from some aspects be called the dissipation of the atom. This process, nevertheless, in the majority of cases covers such a vast period of time that the human mind is unable to follow the process.

The radioactive period is much the longest in the mineral kingdom, and shortest of all in the human. We are not concerned with radiation in the spiritual kingdom at the close of the mahamanvantara, so no comment will here be made.

It is interesting to note that during this round, owing to planetary decision, the process of producing human radiation or "release" is being artificially stimulated through the method which we call initiation, and the [1076] short cut to intensive purification and stimulation is open to all who are willing to pass through the divine alchemical fire. Simultaneously, in the other kingdoms of nature a process somewhat similar in kind though not in degree is being attempted. The tremendous manipulation of ores, the scientific work of the chemist, and scientific investigation is analogous in the mineral kingdom to the world processes which are being utilized to liberate the human spark. Out of the chaos and turmoil of the World War, for instance, and the weight of metal undergoing violent disintegration the mineral monad emerged as from an initiatory test, incomprehensible as this may seem. It will be apparent that a great simultaneous movement is on foot to produce more rapid radiation in all the kingdoms of nature so that when the cycle is run the process of planetary radiation may be consummated. This intensive culture is not proceeding upon all the planets but only upon a very few. The others will run a longer cycle. The initiatory cultural process which has in view the stimulation of magnetic radiation or transmutation is but an experiment. It was tried first on Venus, and on the whole proved successful, resulting in the consummation of the planetary purpose in five rounds instead of seven. This was what made it possible to utilize Venusian energy upon the Venus chain and the Venus globe of our scheme and thus cause the phenomenon of forced individualization in Lemurian days. It was the intensive stimulation of the third kingdom of nature during the third root race which artificially unified the three aspects. The process of stimulating through the medium of Venusian energy was really begun in the third round when the triangle of force was completed, and ready to function. It is this factor which occultly makes the third Initiation of such tremendous importance. In it the human triangle is linked, the Monad, the [1077] Ego and the personality, or Venus, the Sun and the Earth are symbolically allied.

Enough has here been indicated to give the student room for thought, though one more word in this connection might be added. In the potentially radioactive qualities of the four kingdoms of nature with which we are most concerned will be found an interesting analogy to the functions of the four planetary schemes which (in their totality) form the logoic quaternary. This applies also in a lesser degree to the four chains which form the planetary quaternary. All have to become radioactive and all their principles have to be transmuted and the form for which they are responsible transcended.

When the subject of radiation is more completely comprehended, it will be found that it demonstrates one more instance of the unity of all life, and furnishes one more corroborative indication of the synthetic nature of the entire evolutionary process. In every instance that which radiates from each kingdom of nature is one and the same. The radioactive human being is the same in nature (differing only in degree and in conscious response) as the radioactive mineral; in every case it is the central positive life, the electric spark or that which is its correspondence, which radiates. There are, therefore, seven correspondences in this connection in the solar system, seven types which radiate, or seven classes of entities which demonstrate ability to transcend their normal motion and to transfer themselves into some greater sphere in due course of evolution. These are:

  1. The mineral monad of the mineral kingdom, or the central positive nucleus in all atoms and elements.
  2. The monad in the vegetable kingdom, or the central positive life of every plant and vegetable growth.
  3. The monad in the animal kingdom or the positive life of each type. [1078]
  4. The human Monads in their myriads of groups.
  5. The Monad of any particular type, or form.
  6. The planetary Monad, the sum total of all the lives within a planetary scheme.
  7. The solar Monad or the sum total of all lives in the solar system.

Each of these is first rotary in its activity, or self-centered; later each simultaneously with its original motion demonstrates spiral-cyclic activity. Thereby it becomes "aware" of form, and finally becomes radioactive. During this final period it transcends the form, and escapes from out of it, becoming thus conscious of, and able to participate in, the activity of the still greater enveloping whole.

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