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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind
c. Radiation and Cyclic Law

Scattered throughout this Treatise, are numerous indications of the cyclic nature of this phenomenon, and students should bear in mind that in all which concerns radiation, as in all else, there will be periods of quiescence, and periods of intensified activity. This will be seen quite clearly in connection with the fourth kingdom of nature. A period of radioactivity is being entered upon now in which men and women will achieve a larger realization, they will begin to transcend their human limitations, and to enter the fifth kingdom one by one, and unit by unit. This period, as far as the larger cycle is concerned, began when the Door of Initiation was opened in Atlantean days, but many lesser cycles have occurred, for the influx into the fifth kingdom is equally governed by cyclic law, by periodic ebb and flow. At the close of the fourth root race there was a period of distinctive radioactivity, and many hundreds of men passed out of the fourth Creative Hierarchy into another and a higher one. Many posts held hitherto by Venusian Entities were vacated in order that our humanity might occupy them, and a vast interchain [1079] radiation went on as many of the Kumaras and certain lesser existences quitted our earth chain, and entered upon subtler, and more advanced work. Then the activity gradually ebbed until a recurring cycle brought in influences which produced a new radiation, though not of such a strength as in the preceding period.

Another period of radioactivity occurred during the time of the Buddha and many achieved Arhatship in those days. That period was the highest point of what is occultly termed "a cycle of the third degree," and a similar degree of radiatory activity has not been reached since that time. Human radiation of a very slight nature was felt about the time of Christ, but it only lasted for a couple of hundred years, and though individuals here and there have since achieved the goal, yet no large numbers have passed successfully through the fires of transmutation, and thus transcended the fourth kingdom. The cycle is again on the upward turn; about the fourteenth century the human kingdom began to be noticeably radioactive, and we are on the way to the fulfilment of a "cycle of the second order" or of a period of transcendence of a still greater activity than in the time of the Buddha. It will become demonstrably great when certain conditions have been fulfiled.

  • First, when the present world chaos has subsided.
  • Next, when the present generation has consummated its work of reconstruction.
  • Third, when the coming great Lord has entered upon His mission upon earth, thereby increasing the vibration in every kingdom of nature, but particularly in the second and fourth.
  • Fourth, when the movement, inaugurated at the close of each century by the Trans-Himalayan Lodge is under way, and the psycho-scientific Egos who are its agents have made their presence felt.
  • Finally, when a movement is instituted by the Lodge, working in connection with the fourth root-race; it will [1080] also be part of the simulative process, and will result in the rendering radioactive of some of the foremost thinkers of that race. It will be their day of opportunity, and so great is the importance attached to this that a Member of the Lodge, Confucius as he has been called in the past, will incarnate in order to superintend the work. The preliminary steps are being taken now, and Egos are coming in who will endeavor to direct the energies of this race on to the right line though the peak of the cycle of stimulation will not be until the middle of the next century. It is needless for me to point out that all such movements are first felt as disturbing, and only when the dust of turmoil, and the noise of clashing forces have died away will purpose be seen emerging. This is very apparent in Russia at the present time.

A great factor and one that it is hard to explain so that the average thinker can understand it is the cyclic coming in of egos who are at a point in evolution where they are ready for their first radioactive life. In one great department of hierarchical endeavor all Egos are divided into two groups, according to their cycle and according to their type of energy. These grades are in turn subdivided according to the quality and the vibratory effect to be induced upon any one kingdom of nature by their united, or single, incarnation. This might be illustrated by pointing out that by the gradual coming in of human beings who are vegetarians by natural inclination and by the appearance of egos who are interested specifically in the welfare and nurture of the animals (as is the case so noticeably now) we have the cyclic appearance of a whole group of human units who have a definite karmic relation to the third kingdom. This relation is of a kind differing in specific detail from the meat-eating, and oft inhuman, groups of the past five hundred years.

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