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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind
It might be of profit and of interest if we here enumerated some of the occult terms applied to some of these [1081] differentiated groups, remembering that we are only touching upon a few out of a vast number, and only name those the terminology of which conveys information and educational benefit to the student:
  1. The units of inertia,
  2. Atoms of rhythmic centralization,
  3. Units of primary radiation,
  4. The sons of heavy rhythm,
  5. The points of fiery excellence (a name given oft to magnetic, highly-evolved types),
  6. Tertiary points of secondary fire,
  7. Magnetic flames (given to chelas and initiates of certain degrees),
  8. Positive sons of electricity,
  9. Rotating units of the seventh order,
  10. Points of light of the fourth progression,
  11. Electric sparks,
  12. Units of negative resistance,
  13. The equilibrized atoms.

Many more names might be given but these will suffice to indicate the general nature of these energy summations, under which all the members of the human family are gathered and placed according to:

  1. Their rhythm,
  2. Their quality,
  3. Their heat,
  4. Their light,
  5. Their magnetic influence,
  6. Their radiation,
  7. Their activity.

This tabulation is but an extension of the major one which grouped all Egos under the divisions of color, sound and vibration. A similar enumeration has also grouped the atoms in the other kingdoms of nature, and [1082] even the Dhyan Chohans of the highest rank find their place in the hierarchical archives of this fifth (or third) department.

A cyclic tabulation is of equal interest but is of a totally different nature, carrying to the initiated and intuitive investigator many hints of an evolutionary and historical value. Again we might append a brief epitome of some of the expressions used and of some of the names under which human beings are grouped in the archives of this the seventh department:

  1. Units of the fire-mist stage,
  2. Points of lunar origin,
  3. Sons of the sun,
  4. Devas of the fourth degree,
  5. Flames from interplanetary spheres,
  6. Atoms from the crimson sphere - a reference to certain Egos who have come to the earth from the planetary scheme whose note is red,
  7. The successful Vyasians,
  8. The points in the third planetary petal, and groups of others related to the twelve petalled planetary lotus,
  9. The lovers of low vibration,
  10. The rejectors of the eighth scheme,
  11. The points of triple resistance,
  12. The followers of the ARHAT,
  13. The cyclic sons of peace,
  14. The recurring sons of war,
  15. The specks within the planetary eye,
  16. The recognized points within the chakras. These naturally exist in ten groups.

Each name conveys to the mind of the initiate some knowledge as to the place in evolution of the Monad concerned, the nature of its incarnations, and its place in cyclic evolution. [1083]

The same method of grouping is used in connection with all the kingdoms though only in the case of the fourth and the fifth kingdoms are individual atoms dealt with; the tabulations and records for the other kingdoms are concerned with groups. When a group is known, the nature, vibration, and rhythm of the atom within that group is immediately apparent.

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