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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division F - The Law of Attraction
4. Group Unity

Group unity must be viewed somewhat from the mystical standpoint. It is a truism in occultism to say that nothing stands alone, yet it is a fact that each infinitesimal part of the whole has three relations:

  1. To those units which form its body of manifestation.
  2. To its own unitary life.
  3. To that greater unit of which it forms a part.

One of the main things which, it has been said, underlies logoic purpose, is the working out of ways which will result in true group unity. All that is to be seen might be regarded as a gigantic endeavor on the part of a great Intelligence to produce a group, and evolution is to be regarded, therefore, as a vast experiment with this objective in view.

This triple responsibility above referred to exists for the atom or for the solar Logos, and the trend of the evolutionary process is to make each unit, microcosm and macrocosm, an intelligent cooperator, responsive to forces impinging upon it externally, and aware of its own internal economy and of the latent forces and energies which it has to contribute to the good of the whole. Man, standing as he does at the middle point in evolution, and marking the stage in the evolution of consciousness where a triple awareness is possible, - awareness of individuality, awareness of the forces which are subhuman and [1212] which must be controlled, and awareness of a place within the plan and purpose of a greater Man - must, therefore, rightly be regarded as the most important of the evolutions, for through him can be worked out intelligently the laws of group unity for all the three groups, superhuman, human, and subhuman.

Above him stand those who are too pure or, as it is called, "too cold" to be immersed in the matter of the three worlds, below him are found those lives which are too impure (occultly understood) or "too full of burning matter and veiled in smoke" to be able to mount of themselves into regions where stand the unveiled sons of God. Man, therefore, acts as the mediator, and in him and through him can be worked out group methods and laws which - in a later solar system - can form a basic law for unified work. It is this fact which brings about so much of the peculiar trouble and nature of the human kingdom, and it might here be said that on our planet, which is, it must be remembered, one of the "profane" planets, certain experiments in connection with this problem have been undertaken by our planetary Logos. These (if successful) will result in a great expansion of the knowledge of the planetary Logos regarding the laws governing all bodies, and masses. Our planetary Logos has been given the name of the "experimenting divine Physicist." It is this condition which makes the humanity of this planet unique in some respects, for they may be regarded as working out two main problems:

  1. The problem of establishing a conscious relation and response, to the animal kingdom.
  2. The problem of simultaneously receiving and holding vibrations from superhuman lives and of transmitting them consciously to the subhuman states. [1213]

All this has to be accomplished by the units of the human kingdom in full individual consciousness, and the work of each human being might be regarded therefore as having in view the establishment of a sympathetic relation with other human units and with the pitris of the animal kingdom, and also the development of the power to act as the transmitter of energies from greater lives than his own, and to become a transmuting mediating agency.

It might be of interest here to note that it is the problem of establishing a relation between the animal and himself which was the original basis of what is called Hatha-Yoga and tantric magic. The link was sought in this yoga with that which was known to be similar in the two kingdoms (the physical body with its activities and purposes) and that which should be negative in the human kingdom was stimulated into a positive agency through the power of the will. That followers of Hatha-Yoga are not aware of this purpose may be true, but the originating exponents of the Hatha-Yoga mysteries were well aware of this objective, and in their zeal for unity between the two kingdoms, sought unity in the lower aspects, and neglected the real method.

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