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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division F - The Law of Attraction
III. Group Relations

In establishing group relation with the superhuman kingdoms, man has not so erred, though relatively little progress has as yet been made, and few are the human units who have merged their consciousness with that of the greater directing Intelligences and yet remained in the human family. This is the true Raja Yoga.

It will be apparent, therefore, that in the fourth or human kingdom, wherein the fourth Hierarchy is seeking experience, there is an effort on foot to effect the merging or centralization of the forces of three groups,

  1. Of the energy for which the animal kingdom stands,
  2. Of purely human energy, [1214]
  3. Of the spiritual energy of the group which is the exponent of buddhic force, thus bringing in at the third great realization, the force of atma itself, of which buddhi is but the vehicle.

These three streams of force should hold the following place:

  • Buddhic force - Positive.
  • Human energy - Equilibrized.
  • Animal energy - Negative.

Or, to word it otherwise, the positive controlling factor in the human group should be spiritual energy, toward which the animal nature should be entirely receptive, these two holding towards each other the relative position of Father-Mother. The purely human energy serves as the balancing factor and brings about an adjustment between the Spirit aspect and the material. It is this triple group relation which makes the microcosm such a genuine reflection of the greater Man and the Fourth Kingdom a true exponent of cosmic processes.

The same laws govern the relationship of these three factors as govern the group interrelation of the Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva aspects; time and space or "divine opportunity" play their parts in microcosmic group work as they do in the macrocosmic, and cyclic evolution proceeds in its work of group adjustment for both units, in order to produce eventual group harmony in both cases. It is the harmony of the individual with himself and with his environing units, and his realization of the essential oneness of all life which brings about the great expansions of consciousness and leads to individual identification with some greater whole.

The work of a human atom, therefore, is but a replica of that which proceeds in the planetary, or solar atom, and serves as an incentive to those minute individual lives which find their place in the six subhuman kingdoms (the [1215] three elemental, and the three material). In one case we have a correspondence of so close a nature as to be almost a replica on a tiny scale; in the other we have analogies which produce what may be regarded as a reflection of the whole; in both cases we have basic group relations, fundamental group laws which produce group interrelations, and bring about an essential union between all the forms of life. It is not my intention to say much anent group forms and work. It is for the student to study himself and that which surrounds him, and thus arrive at his own conclusions. We will, therefore, close this part of our Treatise by a brief enumeration of:

  1. The three atomic relations.
  2. The seven laws of group work.
  3. The twenty-two methods of interplay.

These thirty-two phases and ideas must be applied in degree to all atoms, the tiny lives which are the sumtotal of all material worlds, the planetary atom, the macrocosm for all on the five planes, and the solar atom, the synthesis of all on the seven planes and of the seven evolutions.

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