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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Three - Division B - The Nature of the Cosmic Paths
Path II. The Path of Magnetic Work

In considering this Path students must bear in mind that they are dealing with that Path which of all the seven expresses most fully the effects of the Law of Attraction. It will be remembered by those who have carefully read this Treatise that this law is the expression of the spiritual will which produces the manifestation of the Son (Sun). Magnetism - physical, attractive and dynamic - is the expression of the law in the three worlds as far as the human unit is concerned. It will be apparent, therefore, that the adept who passes upon this Path is dealing with that reality which is the basis of all coherency in nature, and with that essence which through the force of its own innate quality produces the attractive energy which brings together the pairs of opposites; it is the force which is responsible for the interplay of electrical phenomena of every kind. The adept who chooses this cosmic stream of energy upon which to make certain cosmic approaches and upon which to make a series of cosmic unfoldments is one who has worked primarily upon the second ray path prior to the fifth Initiation, and who frequently has also been upon the fourth ray path. Adepts who have been upon the fourth ray path and who pass from thence upon the second ray do not as a rule choose this cosmic line of endeavor. [1248]

Those who do the work of wielding forces or electrical magnetism for the use of the Great Ones on all planes pass to this Path. They wield the elemental formative energy, manipulating matter of every density and vibration. Great waves of ideas and surging currents of public opinion on astral levels as well as on the higher levels where work the Great Ones, are manipulated by them. A large number of fifth Ray people, those who have the Ray of Concrete Knowledge for their monadic ray, pass to this line of endeavor. The inherent quality in the type of the Monad settles the line of activity. The karma of the fifth ray is one of the factors which produces this. These Monads work with fohat, and must, to the end of the greater manvantara. They have their eventual position on the cosmic mental plane, but as yet the capacity for abstract thought is so little developed that it is impossible for us to comprehend the significance of this expression.

Three types of magnetic work have been mastered by the adept who treads this second Path. He has mastered (in the three worlds) the magical work of form construction through the manipulation of magnetic energy and the utilization of fohatic attractive energy in order to "bind the builders." This he does through the medium of a purified lower nature which can act as a perfect transmitter.

He has learnt also the secret of group coherence on the higher levels of the mental plane in connection with his own planetary Logos, and with those two other Logoi Who form with his own Logos a systemic triangle within the solar system. He has passed on also to a comprehension of the forces which unite the various streams of living energy emanating from Them in the furthering of the plans of solar evolution. This becomes possible to him when he can function in the monadic vehicle and is conscious in that unit of force. [1249]

This has been expressed in the old Commentary in the following words:

"The seven Brothers love each other, yet each seeketh for many aeons the path of hatred. They hate and kill each other until they find that which dieth not and is not hurt. Together then they stand and serve and through their service the seven suns burn up."

The seven suns are destroyed because when synthesis and unity are reached and when the differentiated forces become one homogeneous force, the attractive or magnetic effect of this coherence is a manifested unit on the physical plane as well as on the subjective side of nature. This produces necessarily the destruction of all limiting forms, the merging of the fires, and the blazing forth into objectivity of the vital body of the Logos prior to the final abstraction and the subsequent dying out or obscuration of the solar system.

The will or purpose aspect which is the spiritual life behind all subjective and objective phenomena suddenly makes itself felt and also seen. It is the production of this which is the main work of the adept who passes on to Path II from off his particular ray path.

Those who tread this second Path work with magnetic or attractive energy because they have identified themselves with it. Eventually they will all pass on to Path VII, which is the Path of Absolute Sonship. All that can be said here in regard to their efforts is the statement that this Path carries them (through the medium of the logoic head center) into the Heart of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID. They are swept out of systemic evolution altogether upon a great tide of attractive energy which emanates from one of the major centers of that great Existence Who is the source of the life of the solar Logos. This center is of course one of [1250] the seven constellations. As it is the most potent constellation as far as our system is concerned owing to the fact that this system predominantly expresses love or attractive energy and our Logos is as yet polarized in His cosmic astral body, it is not permitted to hint at the name of the constellation. The reason is that if the name were known and if enough people could do the work of occult meditation and visualization, accompanying the work with a vivid imagination, it might be possible to attract into our system such a downpour of attractive energy from the constellation involved as to unduly speed up the processes of evolution upon our planet, and thus upset the systemic economy most dangerously. People do not yet realize the potency of meditation and especially of group meditation.

The zodiacal sign concerned is Gemini, and the reason will be apparent to all trained initiates.

A word here is necessary in explanation of the expression used earlier in connection with the passing of adepts from off this second Path on to the Seventh Path. It is stated that they "alchemise themselves" on to it. Some idea as to the meaning of this phrase may be gained through a consideration of the purposes of heat, when divorced from moisture, and of the method of employing such heat. The adepts use the "dry alchemical fires" to produce the results they desire in aiding the evolutionary process. As they use these "dry fires" the reaction upon themselves is such that they transmute the electrical spark (or the Monad within the flame of the planetary Life) and break it up in such a manner that it can pass through the systemic etheric web and on to that stream of cosmic energy emanating from the constellation mentioned above.

They are then known as "Absolute sparks of parental love," or (in the exoteric language of the initiates) they pass on to Path VII, that of "Absolute Sonship." [1251]

The attributes which the adept on this path has to possess prior to taking the needed training for the seventh cosmic method of approach is responsiveness to heat and a knowledge of rhythm. These words will, of course, mean nothing to the uniniated but to some it will convey much and when it is noted that there will be found coupled with these two attributes an ability to "see the dancing of the particles of heat and the waves of warm vibration" (as it is called in an old manual which those in training for this path employ) it will be apparent that the effects of fire and the laws of fiery energy and vibration are here dealt with. Those sons of men who at this time search for the "heat of the love nature" of the human unit and who add to that search a cultivation of a vivid imagination and an intense power to visualize are laying a groundwork upon which this later knowledge may be superimposed. But this is not the easy thing it sounds, for it involves an identification at present impossible to the majority, and a power to realize the nature of that which is visualized which negates the idea of duality, - that which visualizes and that which is visualized.

The method employed can only be expressed as the "entering of the burning-ground." The power to do this is gained through passing through three preliminary burning-grounds, as is easily to be seen:

  1. The burning-ground which lies between the Hall of Ignorance, and the Hall of Learning. This is the destructive fire which man creates under the working of the Law of Karma.
  2. The burning-ground of the dead personality which lies between the Hall of Learning and the Hall of Wisdom. It is found upon the shores of the river of life and has to be passed prior to the third Initiation. [1252]
  3. The burning-ground which is found when a man is ready to pass out of the Hall of Wisdom as a full adept. It is a triple burning-ground and is found "upon the mountain top, being kept alive and flaming by all the winds of heaven." It is responsible for the destruction of the egoic or causal body.

The third produces a spiritual alchemicalisation, whereas the other two produced results in the objective or form side and the subjective or consciousness aspect of his triple nature. When these three burning grounds are passed then the adept is prepared for another and fiercer experience.

The hierarchies connected with this Path are mainly the third and the fourth. Only the human units can pass on to these two paths. The deva hierarchies of the third order have already passed upon them, and it is their previous work which enables man to do so. This is a great mystery and more must not be revealed about it. The group of the Silent Watchers of all degrees are closely connected with this second cosmic path. All of Them are Lords of Sacrifice, and are animated solely by love, and all have therefore passed through the sacrificial burning grounds.

It is only possible to give the most elementary of the exoteric symbols. It takes the form of a funeral pyre in full conflagration, and with four flaming torches one at each corner. From the center of the pyre a fivefold star mounts like a rocket towards a flaming sun of a predominantly rosy hue.


  • Attributes - Responsiveness to heat and knowledge of rhythm.
  • Source - An unknown constellation via Gemini.
  • Method - The entering of the burning-ground.
  • Hierarchy - The third and fourth. [1253]
  • Symbol - A funeral pyre, four torches, and a fivefold star mounting towards the sun.
  • Quality gained - Electrical velocity.
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