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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Three - Division B - The Nature of the Cosmic Paths
Path III. Path of Training for Planetary Logoi

This path is one that attracts to itself only a few comparatively of the sons of men. It involves a peculiar form of development and the faculty of continued awareness along with spiritual identification which is the distinguishing characteristic of the seven cosmic paths.

The adept who chooses this path preserves in a peculiar way the faculty of sense-perception plus identification with the spiritual aspect. They are constantly spoken of in the occult archives as the "Lords Whose mayavirupa continuously recurs." As they work with the psyche or the soul of manifestation and are primarily concerned with the subjective side of life they are connected with that center in the Body of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID which is the source of conscious sensation. Therefore, they are vitalized from the solar plexus of that great Existence Whose all-embracing vitality holds our Logos, along with other solar Logoi, within the sphere of His consciousness. As is well known, the solar plexus is the center which synthesizes the reactions and the essential virtues of the lower three centers. This point must be borne in mind when studying this cosmic path.

These adepts are also called the "Lords of cosmic Maya" for they work with that faculty which is responsible for illusion and with the relation of the Knower to that which is to be known. Remember here that we are not considering the three worlds of human endeavor except in so far as they form a part of a whole.

The attributes which predispose a man for the work of training himself for the path of a planetary Logos are three in number and may be expressed thus: [1254]

  1. Cosmic vision. These adepts are connected with the logoic third eye.
  2. Deva hearing.
  3. Psychic correlation.

All the senses are, as we know, connected with some center, and these centers are in turn connected with planetary centers which are themselves energized from an analogous cosmic source. The adept on this third Path has a specific connection with the energy which emanates from those cosmic centers which are related to spiritual vision and spiritual hearing. The sense of touch has primarily to do with the objectivity of the dense physical form, and with it this particular group of adepts has nothing to do. Sight, hearing and the power to correlate the relation between the Self and the Not-Self is theirs, but the Not-self comes specifically under the guidance and the stimulation of a totally different group of cosmic workers. It is difficult to convey a clear meaning in this connection and the student must remember that we are dealing with spirit and with the other two types of cosmic energy.

This path is trodden by those who will take up the work of the seven planetary Logoi of the next solar system, and of the forty-nine subplanetary Logoi, Their assistants and of certain other entities working in that particular department. There will be seven systems, though we are only concerned with the major three, of which our present solar system is but the second.

Each Chohan of a Ray takes a certain number of initiates of the sixth Initiation and trains them specially for this work. Special aptitude in color and sound predisposes the choice, and the ability to work with "psyche," or with the Spirits in evolution, marks a man out for this high post. We might say that the planetary Logoi are the divine psychologists, and therefore in the training for [1255] this post psychology is the basic subject, though it is a psychology inconceivable as yet to us.

Every planetary Logos has, in His own special planet, schools for the development of subordinate Logoi, and there trains them, giving them opportunity for wide experience. Even the Logoi Themselves progress onward, and Their places must be taken.

Students may be surprised to know that the source of the peculiar cosmic energy which is found streaming towards our system along this cosmic Path is that of the sun Betelgeuse. This name is, however, a blind. The reason that certain facts connected with this sun have lately come more prominently before the public is in reality a subjective one. The science of the soul in its various aspects (mental, psychical, and spiritual) is making much headway now in the world, and is absorbing more and more the attention of thinkers. This is the result of certain waves of energy impinging upon our solar system and thus eventually finding their way to our planet. Betelgeuse from the occult standpoint is a system of the second order, just as our solar system is one of the fourth order. There is consequently a relation between these two numbers both in the system and the cosmos. This influence reaches our system via the sign Sagittarius.

The work that adepts on this path have to accomplish primarily is to make possible the manifestation of the Monad of the solar Logos through the medium of the body of consciousness, or through the soul-form. They thus repeat on a higher level the work of those Builders who create and make manifest the body through which the soul seeks to express itself. They are not concerned with objectivity, and have a relation to that fifth Hierarchy which gives to man his egoic body.

The adepts on our Earth planet who seek this path do so through the department of the Mahachohan, which [1256] works with the intelligence or mental aspects of manifestation. From this third department they pass under the direct training of one of the Buddhas of Activity, and in the final stages are personally taught by Sanat Kumara, functioning as the embodied planetary Logos. This training concerns itself with three main subjects:

  1. With color, that which veils the Spirit aspect, as dense form veils the soul.
  2. With sound, that which Spirit utters in order to make itself conscious, and to produce psychic awareness. The whole science of mantra yoga is mastered by them, but only in connection with the higher planes and where the cosmic planes are concerned.
  3. With the nature of duality, that which is basically the science of the soul.

It is difficult to express in words the method employed by a Master of the Wisdom as he enters this cosmic Path. It has been called the method of prismatic identification, for it concerns the color veils which shroud the spiritual energy. Another mode of expressing the same truth is to say that it is the method of understanding the song of life. As the "stars sing together," as the "chant of the Gods" peals forth in the great choir of the Heavens, it produces a corresponding color symphony. This particular mode of identification enables the adept to act as a director in the chorus and to produce the needed color effects and chords. When he can do this to perfection he is then in a position to take up office as a planetary Logos. More it is not permitted to say and the above is but a symbolic way of expressing a basic and difficult truth.

The symbol of this Path (and the only one it is possible to make exoteric) is a radiant Cross of colored light; it [1257] has the long limb formed of the seven colors of the solar spectrum, and the transverse limb is composed of twelve gradations of colors as yet unknown to man. In the center of the Cross is to be seen a five-pointed star in a deep indigo shade, and behind it is a blazing sun of a warm dark blue. Above the whole are certain Sensa characters, depicted in gold, and conveying to the initiated adept the name of one or other of the planetary Schools in which this particular line of study is undertaken. There are, as has been already said, seven such schools and candidates for this Path from our planetary scheme are transferred to the inner round and from thence to the Jupiter scheme.

The quality gained is cosmic etheric vision, the extent of the vision developed being within the seven systems which form (along with our solar system) the seven centers in the cosmic Life with whom our solar Logos is allied. This is sometimes called septenary cosmic clairvoyance.

One more fact of interest might here be added. This Path is sometimes called the "Lotus Path," as it concerns itself with the construction of the logoic Lotuses of solar Logoi. The schools which prepare for this work are called in the mystic parlance of the adepts the "lotus lands." The curriculum is termed at times the "Lotus sleep," as it involves a condition of complete negation where the form side of manifestation is concerned and an entire abstraction, thus producing a type of solar samadhi. Whilst this is being undergone the adept functions in a form or vehicle which is a correspondence upon the plane of atma to the mayavirupa on the plane of mind.


  • Attributes - cosmic vision, deva hearing and psychic correlation.
  • Source - Betelgeuse, via the sign Sagittarius.
  • Hierarchy - the fifth.
  • Method - prismatic identification [1258]
  • Symbol a colored Cross, with a star at the center, and backed by a blazing sun, surmounted by a Sensa Word.
  • Quality - cosmic etheric vision or septenary clairvoyance.
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