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A Treatise on White Magic - Introductory Remarks
The different types of force can all be registered in the human kingdom. Some of them can be registered in the subhuman kingdoms, and the apparatus of the vital body in man is so constructed that through its three objective manifestations, the triple nervous system, through the seven major plexi, the lesser nerve ganglia, and the many thousands of nerves, the entire objective man can be responsive to:
  1. The above mentioned types of force.
  2. Energies generated in and emanating from any part of the planetary etheric web of life.
  3. The solar web of life.
  4. The constellations of the Zodiac appear to have a real effect upon our planet and of which astrology is as yet the immature study.
  5. Certain cosmic forces which, it will be recognized later, play upon and produce changes in our solar system and consequently upon our planet and upon all forms upon and within that planetary life. This has been touched upon in the Treatise on Cosmic Fire.

To all of these the planetary web of life is responsive and, when astrologers work in the occult way and [47] consider the planetary horoscope, they will arrive more quickly at an understanding of the zodiacal and cosmic influences.

The anima mundi is that which lies back of the web of life. The latter is but the physical symbol of that universal soul; it is the outer and visible sign of the inner reality, the concretion of the sensitive responsive entity which links spirit and matter together. This entity we call the Universal Soul, the middle principle from the standpoint of the planetary life. When we narrow the concept down to the human family, and consider the individual man, we call it the mediating principle, for the soul of mankind is not only an entity linking spirit and matter, and mediating between monad and personality, but the soul of humanity has a unique function to perform in mediating between the higher three kingdoms in nature and the lower three. The higher three are:

  1. The Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, nature spirits or angels and human spirits, who stand at a peculiar point on the ladder of evolution. Of these Sanat Kumara, embodying a principle of the planetary Logos is the highest, and an initiate of the first degree is the lowest, with corresponding entities in what we call the angel or deva kingdom.
  2. The Hierarchy of Rays - certain groupings of the seven rays in relation to our planet.
  3. A Hierarchy of Lives, gathered by an evolutionary process out of our planetary evolution and from four other planets, who embody in themselves the purpose and plan of the solar Logos in relation to the five planets involved.
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