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A Treatise on White Magic - Introductory Remarks
In narrowing the concept down to the microcosm, the ego or soul acts verily as the middle principle connecting [48] the Hierarchy of Monads with outer diversified forms which they use sequentially in the process of:
  1. Gaining certain experiences, resulting in acquired attributes.
  2. Working out certain effects, initiated in an earlier system.
  3. Cooperating in the plan of the solar Logos in relation to His (if one may use a pronoun in speaking of a life which is an existence and yet is an extended concept) Karma - a point oft overlooked. This Karma of His must be worked out through the method of incarnation and the subsequent result of the incarnated energy upon the substance of the form. This is symbolized for us, if we could but grasp it, in the relation of the sun to the moon. "The Solar Lord with his warmth and light galvanizes the moribund Lunar Lords into a spurious life. This is the great deception; and the Maya of His Presence." - So runs the Old Commentary oft quoted by me in earlier books. The above concept has in it truth for the individual soul likewise.

This middle principle is in process of revelation now. The lower aspect is functioning. The higher remains unknown, but that which links them (and at the same time reveals the nature of the higher) is on the verge of discovery. The structure, the mechanism, is now ready and developed to its point of usefulness; the vital life that can guide and motivate the machine is likewise present, and man now can intelligently use and control, not only the machine, but the active principle.

The great symbol of the soul in man is his vital or etheric body and for the following reasons:

  1. It is the physical correspondence to the inner light body we call the soul body, the spiritual body. It [49] is called the "golden bowl" in the Bible and is distinguished by:
    1. Its light quality.
    2. Its rate of vibration, which synchronizes always with the development of the soul.
    3. Its coherent force, linking and connecting every part of the body structure.
  2. It is the microcosmic "web of life" for it underlies every part of the physical structure and has three purposes:
    1. To carry throughout the body the life principle, the energy which produces activity. This it does through the medium of the blood, and the focal point for this distribution is the heart. It is the conveyor of physical vitality.
    2. To enable the soul, or human yet spiritual man to be en rapport with his environment. This is carried forward through the medium of the entire nervous system and the focal point of that activity is the brain. This is the seat of conscious receptivity.
    3. To produce eventually, through life and consciousness, a radiant activity, or manifestation of glory which will make of each human being a center of activity for the distribution of light and attractive energy to others in the human kingdom, and through the human kingdom, to the subhuman kingdoms. This is a part of the plan of the planetary Logos for the vitalizing and renewing of the vibration of those forms which we designate subhuman.
  3. This microcosmic symbol of the soul not only underlies the entire physical structure and thus is a symbol of the anima mundi, or the world soul, but is indivisible, coherent and a unified entity, thereby symbolizing the unity and homogeneity [50] of God. There are no separated organisms in it, but it is simply a body of freely flowing force, that force being a blend or unification of two types of energy in varying quantities, dynamic energy, and attractive or magnetic energy. These two types characterize the universal soul likewise - the force of will, and of love, or of atma and buddhi, and it is the play of these two forces on matter that attracts to the etheric body of all forms the needed physical atoms and that - having so attracted them - by the will force drives them into certain activities.
  4. This coherent unified body of light and energy is the symbol of the soul in that it has within it seven focal points, wherein the condensation, if it must be so called, of the two blended energies is intensified. These correspond to the seven focal points in the solar system, wherein the Solar Logos, through the seven Planetary Logoi, focuses His energies. This will be later elaborated. The point to be noted here is simply the symbolic nature of the etheric or vital body, for it is by understanding the nature of the energies displayed and the unified nature of the form and work that some idea as to the work of the soul, the middle principle in nature, can be grasped.
  5. The symbolism is also carried forward when one remembers that the etheric body links the purely physical, or dense body with the purely subtle, the astral or emotional body. In this is seen the reflection of the soul in man which links the three worlds (corresponding to the solid, liquid and gaseous aspects of the strictly physical body of man) to the higher planes in the solar system, linking thus the mental to the buddhic and the mind to the intuitional states of consciousness. [51]
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