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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Three - Principles and Personalities
Principles and Personalities

There is, however, a point which merits consideration and which could be approached in the form of a question. The student might well enquire into the matter as follows:

"Some people approach the problem of Being through mental appreciation; others through heart understanding; some are motivated through the head and others through the heart; some do things or avoid doing them because they know, rather than feel; some react to their surroundings mentally rather than emotionally.

"The point on which to seek illumination is whether the path for some is not to serve because they know rather than love God, Who, after all, is but their innermost selves. Is [110] this not the path of the occultist and of the sage rather than of the mystic and the saint? When all is said and done, is it not a question, primarily, of the ray one is on and the Master under whom one serves one's apprenticeship? Is not true knowledge a species of intellectual love? If a poet can pen an ode to intellectual beauty why may not we express appreciation of a unity that is conceived of the head rather than of the heart? Hearts are well enough in their way but they are not suited to the world's rough usage.

"Can one do aught but accept his present limitation while seeking such transcendence as is his by the Divine Law of evolution? Is there not such a thing (by comparison) as a spiritual inferiority complex on the part of such as are sensible (and perhaps over-sensitive) of the fact that while their lives intellectually are replete with interest, the desert of their hearts has not yet been made to blossom like the rose?

"In other words, provided one repairs to his appointed station and there serves in his acceptance of Brotherhood in the Presence of Fatherhood, what difference does it make that the fundamental postulate is with him a thing of the head rather than of the heart?"

I would answer such a questioning as follows:

It is not a question of ray or even of the basic distinction between the occultist and the mystic. In the rounded-out individual both head and heart must function with equal power. In time and space, however, and during the process of evolution, individuals are distinguished by a predominating tendency in any one life; it is only because we do not see all the picture that we draw these temporary distinctions. In one life a man may be predominantly mental and for him the path of the Love of God would be unsuited. The Love of God is shed abroad in his heart and to a considerable degree his occult approach is based on the mystic perception of past lives. For him the problem is to know God, with the view of interpreting that knowledge in love to all. [111] Responsible love, demonstrated in duty to group and family, is therefore for him the line of least resistance. Universal love, raying out to all nature and all forms of life, will follow on a more developed knowledge of God, but this will be part of his development in another life.

Students of human nature (and this all aspirants should be) would do well to bear in mind that there are temporary differences. People differ in:

  1. Ray (which affects predominantly the magnetism of the life).
  2. Approach to truth, either the occult or the mystic path having the stronger drawing power.
  3. Polarization, deciding the emotional, mental or physical intent of a life.
  4. Status in evolution, leading to the diversities seen among men.
  5. Astrological sign, determining the trend of any particular life.
  6. Race, bringing the personality under the peculiar racial thought form.

The subray on which a man is found, that minor ray which varies from incarnation to incarnation, largely gives him his coloring for this life. It is his secondary hue. Forget not, the primary ray of the Monad continues through the aeon. It changes not. It is one of the three primary rays that eventually synthesize the sons of men. The ray of the ego varies from round to round, and, in more evolved souls, from race to race, and comprises one of the five rays of our present evolution. It is the predominating ray to which a man's causal body vibrates. It may correspond to the ray of the monad, or it may be one of the complementary colors to the primary. The ray of the personality varies from [112] life to life, till the gamut of the seven subrays of the Monadic ray has been passed through.

Therefore, in dealing with people whose monads are on a similar or complementary ray it will be found that they approach each other sympathetically. We must remember however that evolution must be far advanced for the ray of the monad to influence extensively. So the majority of cases come not under this category.

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