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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Three - Principles and Personalities
With average advanced men, who are struggling to approximate themselves to the ideal, similarity of the egoic ray will produce mutual comprehension, and friendship follows. It is easy for two people on the same egoic ray to comprehend each other's point of view, and they become great friends, with unshaken faith in each other, for each recognizes the other acting as he himself would act.

But when (added to the egoic similarity of ray) you have the same ray of personality, then you have one of those rare things a perfect friendship, a successful marriage, an unbreakable link between two. This is rare indeed.

When you have two people on the same personality ray but with the egoic ray dissimilar, you may have those brief and sudden friendships and affinities, that are as ephemeral as a butterfly. These things need bearing in mind and with their recognition comes the ability to be adaptable. Clarity of vision results in a circumspect attitude.

Another cause of difference can be due to the polarization of the bodies. Unless this too meets with recognition in dealing with people lack of comprehension ensues. When you use the term: "a man polarized in his astral body" - you really mean a man whose ego works principally through that vehicle. Polarity indicates the clarity of the channel. Let me illustrate. The ego of the average [113] man has its home on the third subplane of the mental plane. If a man has an astral vehicle largely composed of third subplane astral matter, and a mental vehicle mostly on the fifth subplane, the ego will center his endeavor on the astral body. If he has a mental body of fourth subplane matter and an astral body of fifth subplane, the polarization will be mental.

When you speak of the ego taking more or less control of a man you really mean that he has built into his bodies matter of the higher subplanes.

The ego takes control with interest only when the man has almost entirely eliminated matter of the seventh, sixth, and fifth subplanes from his vehicles. When he has built in a certain proportion of matter of the fourth subplane the ego extends his control; when there is a certain proportion of the third subplane, then the man is on the Path; when second subplane matter predominates then he takes initiation, and when he has matter only of atomic substance, he becomes a Master. Therefore, the subplane a man is on is of importance, and the recognition of his polarization elucidates life.

The third thing you need to remember is that even when these two points are admitted, the age of the soul's experience frequently causes lack of comprehension. The above two points do not carry us very far, for the capacity to sense a man's ray is not for this race as yet. Approximate supposition and the use of the intuition is all that is now possible. The little evolved cannot comprehend completely the much evolved, and in a lesser degree, the advanced ego comprehends not an initiate. The greater can apprehend the lesser but the reverse is not the case.

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