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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Five - The Soul and its Thought-Forms
3. Steady Contemplation

You will note here that the word 'meditation' is not used. The thought is a different one. The meditation [164] process, involving the use of thought and the mental building of the form so that it can be completed and rounded out and in line with the thought-form of the disciple's group of co-disciples, and therefore with the Plan, has been completed to the best of the man's ability. Now he must, with steadiness, contemplate that which he has created, and with equal steadiness inspire it with needed life, so that it can fulfil its function.

He ceases to reason, to think, to formulate, and to build in mental matter. He simply pours his life into the form and sends it forth to carry out his will. Just as long as he can contemplate and hold steady, so will his creation fulfil his intention and act as his agent.

Just so long as he can focus his attention on the ideal for which he created his thought-form and can link the form and the ideal together in one steady vision, just so long will it serve his purpose and express his ideal. Herein lies the secret of all successful cooperation with the Plan.

We will now study for a while the words "heart, throat, and eye," for they have a peculiar significance. These three form the apparatus to be employed by all disciples during the world cycle which is so rapidly coming.

That there is not as yet a very large body of disciples in incarnation at this time, and that the apparatus with many who are functioning on the level of discipleship is but in embryo, is profoundly true. It should be remembered however, that the world cycle has only just been inaugurated and will cover a vast period of time. There are only about four hundred accepted disciples in the world at this time - that is, men and women who really know they are disciples and know what their work is and are doing it. There are nevertheless many hundreds (out of the present generation of young people) who stand on the verge of acceptance, and thousands are upon the probationary path. [165]

In all truly esoteric groups, there should be forming a group in which an intellectual understanding of this mechanism of heart, throat, and eye, will be found. It should be constituted of those who are submitting themselves to a discipline and a training which will make its use a demonstrated fact in nature to them. I would call attention to those words, and request their careful study.

A mechanism in the natural body comes into use in two ways: First, its use is involuntary, and there is no comprehension of how, or why, or when, the apparatus is used. An animal employs a mechanism, analogous in many respects to that employed by man. He sees, and hears and functions organically along similar lines to the human, but lacks the mental understanding and the linking of cause and effect which are characteristic of the higher kingdom in nature.

A similar state of affairs exists in the early stages of the path of discipleship, and the final stages of the probationary path. The disciple becomes aware of capacities and powers which are not as yet intelligently under his control. He experiences flashes of insight, and of knowledge which seem unaccountable and of no immediate value. He contacts vibrations and the phenomena of other realms but remains unaware of the process whereby he has done so, and is incompetent either to renew or recall the experience. Within his etheric body, he senses active forces. Sometimes he can localize them, and in any case he admits theoretically that there is awakening into conscious activity, a sevenfold structure, which is symbolic in form, and potent when employed. He cannot as yet control it and he is quite incapable of calling it into intelligent cooperation with his purposes and ideas, no matter how hard he tries. All that he can do is to register such phenomena and keep a record of these experiences, bearing always in mind that in the early stages of his unfoldment only the coarsest and most [166] material of the vibrations will be registered on his brain consciousness. He simply has to wait and to bring his mind to bear upon the purifying of his vehicles and the elimination of all that he recognizes as liable to distort his vision. This period may be long or short according as the aspirant is entering into the subjective consciousness for the first time or is taking up the thread of an older or partially achieved undertaking.

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