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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Five - The Soul and its Thought-Forms
I would like here, to make perfectly clear to all true and earnest aspirants that, in the training to be given during the next few decades, the unfoldment of astral vision and hearing will be entirely ruled out, or (if it exists) will eventually have to be overcome. The true disciple has endeavored to center himself on the mental plane with the object in view of transferring his consciousness higher still, into the wider and inclusive awareness of the soul.

His aim is to include the higher, and there is no need for him, at this stage, to regain that astral facility which was the possession, as you well know, of the little evolved races of the earth, and of many of the higher animals. Later on, when adeptship has been reached, he can function on the astral plane should he so choose, but it should be remembered, that the Master works with the soul aspect of humanity (and of all forms) and does not work with their astral bodies. This has been oft forgotten by teachers both in the East and in the West.

In working with souls the true technique of evolution is carried forward, for it is the soul within the forms in every kingdom in nature which is responsible for the developing work of, and within, the form. May I say therefore to students that their main objective is to become aware of the soul, to cultivate soul consciousness, and to learn to live and work as souls. Until such time as their use of their apparatus becomes voluntary they would be well advised to train their minds, study the [167] laws governing manifestation, and learn to include all that which we now cover by the word 'higher' - a misnomer, but it must suffice.

Second, when the use of the subjective instrument becomes voluntary and a man knows how it should be employed, when he is using it, and can discontinue its use or resume it at will, then his whole status changes and his usefulness increases. Through the use of the mind, humanity has become aware of the purposes and employment of the physical apparatus. Now through the use of a still higher faculty, which is a characteristic of the soul, he enters into voluntary and intelligent control of his instrument and learns to understand the purposes for which it exists. This higher faculty is the intuition.

May I add with emphasis that only as the man becomes intuitive does he become of use in a Master's group and I commend to all aspirants that they most carefully study the meaning and significance of the intuition. When it is beginning to function, then the disciple can pass from the stage of probation to that of acceptance in a Master's group.

You might ask here how this can be known or ascertained by the probationer.

A great deal of training is given to a probationer without his really recognizing it consciously. Fault tendencies are indicated to him as he seeks with sincerity to train himself for service, and the analysis of motive when truthfully undertaken, serves amazingly to lift the would-be disciple out of the astral or emotional world into that of the mind. It is in the mental world that the Masters are first contacted, and there They must be sought.

But the time has come when the Light in the head is not only present but can be somewhat used. The karma of the aspirant is such that it becomes possible for him, through strenuously applied effort, to handle his life in [168] such a way that he can not only fulfil his karma and carry out his obligations, but has sufficient determination to enable him to handle the problems and obligations of discipleship also. His service to others is carried out with the right motive, and is beginning to count and make its power felt, and he is losing sight of his own interests in those of others. When this occurs certain esoteric happenings take place.

The Master confers with some of His senior disciples as to the advisability of admitting the aspirant within the group aura, and of blending his vibration with that of the group. Then, if decision is arrived at, for the space of two years a senior disciple acts as the intermediary betwixt the Master and the newly accepted aspirant. He works with the new disciple, stepping down (if I so might express it) the vibration of the Master so as to accustom the disciple's bodies to the higher increased rate. He impresses the disciple's mind, via his Ego, with the group plans and ideals, and he watches his reaction to life's occurrences and opportunities. He practically assumes, pro tem, the duties and position of Master.

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