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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Five - Heart, Throat and Eye
Heart, Throat and Eye

Later, when the knowledge here conveyed is assimilated, the aspirant will come to an understanding of the true meaning of the heart, the throat, and the eye - which it is the object of the Guides of the race to stimulate into functioning activity at this time. We will therefore consider now:

  1. The heart center, the throat center, and the center between the eyes.
  2. Their awakening and coordination.
  3. To what uses they will be put in the coming world cycle.

This subject is of vital importance to the modern aspirant, for the mechanism of the heart, the throat, and the eye - constituting part of the inner structure which he must learn to use - has to be mastered and consciously employed by him before any true creative work is possible. When I use the words "creative work" I am speaking esoterically and am not referring to the valuable work [190] done by the artists of the world in their many lines of expression. Their efforts, to the seer, are indicative of an inner stirring, of an inner coordination and a motivated activity which will lead to true esoteric endeavor and to creative work on the subtler planes.

I am assuming in the student an elementary knowledge of the vital body and of its force centers and I am assuming that these seven centers or lotuses have, theoretically, a place in his imagination. I use the word imagination with purposeful intent, for until there is knowledge and clear vision, imaginative assumption is a potent factor in bringing about the activity of the centers.

Let us, for the sake of clarity, list these lotuses with their petal numbers, and their location. Their colors are immaterial at present from the standpoint of the student, for much that has been given out is erroneous or in the nature of a blind, and in any case, the esoteric colors are widely different from the exoteric.

1. The base of the spine 4 petals.
2. The sacral center 6 petals.
3. The solar plexus center 10 petals.


4. Heart center 12 petals.
5. Throat center 16 petals.
6. Center between the eyebrows 2 petals.
7. Head center 1000 petals.
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