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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Five - Heart, Throat and Eye
Next, let the student remember two important facts, which may be regarded as elementary and preliminary but which nevertheless have to be worked out into conscious realization and become part of the purposed intent of the aspirant's training. It is easy to generalize. It is difficult to realize. It is simple to grasp the informative intellectual data regarding the centers of force; it is most difficult to bring about the rearrangement of the forces flowing through these vortices, and to learn to function consciously through the higher centers, subordinating the [191] lower ones. This has to be done also without laying the emphasis upon the form aspect as is the case in many practices used to vitalize the centers. The two facts of importance are:

1. The three centers below the diaphragm,

  1. Base of spine,
  2. Sacral center,
  3. Solar plexus center,

which are, at present, the most potent in average humanity and the most "alive", require to be reorganized, reoriented, and to be brought from a state of positivity into that of negativity.

Equally, the four centers above the diaphragm,

  1. The heart center,
  2. The throat center,
  3. The center between the eyebrows,
  4. The head center,

must be awakened and brought from a state of negativity into that of positivity.

This has to be brought about in two ways. First, by the transference of the positive energy of the lower centers into that of the higher, and secondly by the awakening of the head center by the demonstration of the activity of the will. The first effect is produced by character building, and by the purification of the bodies, as used by the soul in the three worlds. The second is the result of meditation and the development of organized purpose, imposed by the will upon the daily life. Character building, clean living, controlled emotional reactions, and right thinking are the platitudes of all religious systems and have lost weight from our very familiarity with them. It is not easy to remember that as we live purely and rightly, we are verily and indeed working with forces, subjecting energies to our needs, subordinating [192] elemental lives to the requirements of spiritual being, and bringing into activity a mechanism and a vital structure which has hitherto been only latent and quiescent. Nevertheless, it remains a fact that when the energies, latent at the base of the spine, are carried to the head and are brought (via the solar plexus, that clearing house of energy, and the medulla oblongata) to the center between the eyebrows, then the personality, the matter aspect, reaches its apotheosis and the Virgin Mary - in the individual sense, which is a finite parallel of an infinite Reality - is "carried up into Heaven" there to sit by the side of her son, the Christ, the soul.

When the energies of the sacral center, focused hitherto on the work of physical creation and generation and therefore the source of physical sex life and interest, are sublimated, reoriented and carried up to the throat center, then the aspirant becomes a conscious creative force in the higher worlds; he enters within the veil, and begins to create the pattern of things which will bring about eventually the new heavens and the new earth.

When the energies of the solar plexus - expressions hitherto of the potent desire nature, feeding the emotional life of the personality - are equally transmuted and reoriented, then they are carried to the heart center and there is brought about as a result a realization of group consciousness, of group love, and group purpose which makes the aspirant a server of humanity and a fit associate of the Elder Brethren of the race.

When these three transfers have been consummated then an activity transpires in the head center, the ultimate governing factor, and by an act of the will of the indwelling ruling soul, certain happenings take place which we can consider later in our studies.

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