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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Centers, Energies and Rays
The Centers, Energies and Rays

There are two connections in which this Rule Ten can be studied and thereby results of practical value can be achieved. We can study it from the standpoint of the work which the soul does in relation to its instrument, the human being, and we can also study it from the standpoint of organization work and of that form-building which the disciple does in relation to his service for the Hierarchy.

Back of the outer form of a human being, responsible for its creation, its maintenance and its use, lies, we know, the soul. Back of all activity for the furthering of human evolution as well as of other evolutionary processes stands the Hierarchy. Both represent centers of energy; both work under Law creatively; both proceed from subjective activity to objective manifestation and both are responsive (in the great sequence of graded lives) to vitalization and stimulation from higher centers of energy. Some of the factors that the disciple has to learn to recognize as his particular series of lives unfolds fall into two main groups, each of them bringing his form aspect under seven types of energy, or influences.

There is first the group of forces which concerns purely the form side, that are the work of the outer Builders, and which are the predominant factors right up to the stage of the Probationary Path. These are the forces inherent in matter itself; they deal with the body nature and might be listed as follows:

1. Physical forces. These are due to the life of the cells which constitute the body. This cell life is responsive to the cell life of the environment. Never let it be forgotten that the occultist always sees the correlation [282] between the factors in himself and the corresponding factors in his surroundings. We live in a world of forms. These forms are made up of lives and these lives have their own emanatory and contributory influence. They fall in their turn into three main groups:

  1. Those emanations, which issuing from the cells themselves and dependent upon their quality, produce a good or a bad effect, are coarsening or refining in their influence, and raise or lower the physical vibration of the united cell body. Thus, as we well know, the physical effect of a coarse brutal animal natured man will be different to that of the refined beautifying results of contact with an older soul, functioning in a body, cultured, clean, disciplined and purified.
  2. Those emanations, of a purely physical kind which are responsible for that chemical affinity between one animal body and another which produces the coming together of the sexes. It is an aspect of animal magnetism and is the response of the cells to the call of other cells, acting under the Law of Attraction and Repulsion. It is shared by man with the animals, and is instinctive and free from all mental reactions.
  3. Those forces or emanations, which are the response of the cells to harmonious rhythms and therefore dependent upon the cell having in itself something of that to which it responds. These emanations are little understood as yet, but will increasingly come to the fore as the race progresses. This type of force is that mysterious something which enables the physical body to recognize as harmonious or congenial a physical surrounding or environment, for instance. It is that undefinable reaction which results in two human beings (apart [283] from all sex attraction, for people of the same sex experience it with each other) having a harmonious effect physically upon each other. This is, on the outer plane, the esoteric basis for all group relation, and it is the understanding of these emanations that enables the isolation and segregation of races to be carried forward under the great evolutionary plan.

These three might be described as the quality of the cell forces operating entirely on the physical plane which produce a peculiar type of physical body, the magnetic attraction between two physical bodies, and the racial types. These three factors guide the Manu of the race as He builds a new race and impresses the outer Builders with His ideas. They also guide a Master of the Wisdom as He builds His physical body at will for the carrying forward of His work in any time or place. These emanations should, in measure, be understood somewhat by all those engaged in forming organizations and groups for active service in the world. What, should the disciple ask himself, should be the vibratory quality of the cells of that body, of the individuals who compose it? What should be the quality of its attractive force, and of the magnetic effect it is to have in the world? What does the group possess through the medium of its corporate units which will put it en rapport with other groups and so make it harmonious in its relations with them? These questions warrant careful attention and should be considered by all group builders.

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