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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Centers, Energies and Rays
2. Vital forces. These are often regarded by the materialists as intangible and therefore not material at all. But the occultist regards the etheric medium as a form or aspect of matter and as relatively tangible as the outer objective form. To him the ether of space, which term necessarily includes the etheric form of all bodies, the [284] astral or emotional sentient body and the mental body, constituted of mind-stuff, are all of them material and are the substance of the form side of life. As the basis of correct understanding, it should be noted that the cell life to which we have above referred is coordinated, influenced and vitalized by the blood stream, that intricate system which interpenetrates every part of the body, is responsible for its welfare and demonstrates in a manner not yet truly comprehended the fact that the "blood is the life". The blood is an aspect of energy, as is the sap in the vegetable kingdom.

The sympathetic nervous system, that marvelous apparatus of sensation, is closely related to the emotional or astral body. The contact is made via the solar plexus, just as the vitality, governing the quality of the blood stream, makes its contact via the heart. In the heart is the center of physical plane existence. The cerebro-spinal system works in close relation to the chitta or mind stuff. Therefore we have the following to consider:

1. Cell life Blood stream Heart center Thymus gland.
2. Sensory life Sympathetic nervous system Solar plexus center Pancreas.
3. Mental life Cerebro-spinal system Ajna center Pituitary body.
4. Vital life Seven centers Spleen.
This, as you see, governs the manifestations of the quaternary, but there are other aspects of humanity which manifest through the objective form and which complete the entire man and make the seven of his manifold objective existence.
5. Self-conscious Upper brain Head center Pineal gland.
6. Self-expression Lower brain Throat center Thyroid.
7. Self-perpetuation Sex organs Sacral center Reproductive organs.
8. Self-assertion Entire man Center at base of spine Adrenals. [285]
You will notice that eight factors are here enumerated, and it is here that many of the schools go astray. The heading "vital life" is a comprehensive one, but it must be remembered that it relates entirely to the physical vitalization of man through the lowest aspect of the centers. This vital life of the universe of matter enters into the human organism through the spleen.

The centers have three main functions:

  • First, to vitalize the physical body.
  • Second, to bring about the development of self-consciousness in man.
  • Third, to transmit spiritual energy and sweep the entire man into a state of spiritual being.

The vitality aspect is shared by man with the animals and with all created forms, and his capacity to move freely in a three dimensional world is the outstanding achievement of that aspect. The self-consciousness aspect is the prerogative of the human family. When man has evolved, when all parts of his nervous system, his endocrine system, and his centers are coordinated and working in harmonious rhythm then the highest aspect (the spiritual) makes its presence felt. The spiritual energy and not just the consciousness or sentient energy pours through Man, the instrument of divine Life, and the custodian of forces, to be held and used for the other and lower kingdoms in nature.

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