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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Eleven - Analysis of the Three Sentences
But in the sentence which we must consider we find portrayed a universal function, even though it is as yet [476] carried forward for the most part unconsciously. The words to be dealt with are as follows:

III. Finally, to utter forth the mystic phrase which will save him from their work.

Therefore it appears that at the close of the magical work of creation, a phrase must be enunciated which effects a salvation and produces a liberation of a dual kind, - a liberation of the creating agent from the form which he has created, and the emancipation of that form from the control of the one who has brought it into being.

It is obvious that already the nature of speech in relation to embodied ideas is being somewhat understood. Study the method of talk which is now the main factor employed to "launch an idea." Note how all inventions (which are neither more nor less than embodied concepts) come into exoteric being on the physical plane through the power of the spoken word, and consider also with care the occult significance underlying all conferences, all meetings, all consultations, and all discussions which concern themselves with the launching of some idea or set of ideas upon the sea of public necessity. May it not be possible that under the modes of activity employed by the advertising agencies and the constant training given to salesmen in the use of the spoken word as a means of approach to the public in order to sell an idea, we shall find the first distorted indications of the emanations of those mystic phrases which will bring into being the creation of the soul in all fields of creative enterprise?

The training of public opinion, the utilization of catch words and slogans, the tendency to embody the concepts of campaigners in trite and apposite phrases are part of the growing realization as to the magical work. All these means are employed blindly and without true realization; they constitute a part of the emerging activities of a humanity which is on the verge of real creative work, [477] the principles of which are not yet understood nor scientifically applied. But they do point the way, and under the simplification which marks the return to synthesis, we shall have the cessation of speech and the utilization of simpler forms. Under the evolutionary urge, we have had the creative Sound, the Word, Speech. The latter, in its turn, has been differentiated into words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, books, until we now have the era wherein this differentiation is at its height, and we have speeches at all hours of the day and night; we have the utilization of the public platform to reach the public ear, and of the radio to reach all classes and races of humanity in an effort to mould public opinion and bring certain ideas and concepts into the public consciousness. We have the publication of books literally in their millions, and all playing their part in the same great work, and we have as yet both methods of communication being prostituted to the selfish ends and ambitious purposes of those who speak and write. Yet there are a few true creators who are endeavoring to make their sound heard, to speak those mystical words which will enable humanity to see the vision. Thus will be dispersed eventually the clouds of thought-forms which at this time shut out the clear light of God.

The subject is too large for me to elaborate in this Treatise. I but seek to make suggestions which will carry to the intelligent reader some idea of the enormous progress which has been made in the magical work. In this way he will be enabled to go forward with optimism knowing that hitherto all has been good inasmuch as man has progressed in knowledge. Out of the present welter of speech and of words, of lectures and of books, a few clear concepts will surely emerge which will find an echo in the hearts of men. Thus also will men be led on into the new age, wherein "talk will die out and books come to naught" for the lines of subjective communication [478] will lie open. Men will recognize that noise acts as a deterrent to telepathic intercourse. The written word will not be needed either, for men will use symbols of light and color to supplement through the eye what the subjective hearing has recorded. But that day is not yet, even though the radio and television are the first steps in the right direction.

Putting the truth as simply as possible we might state that through the complexity of much speech-making and book-writing, ideas are now enabled to take form and so run through their cycle of activity. But this method is as unsatisfactory in the field of knowledge as is the ancient tallow dip in the field of illumination. Electric light has superseded it, and some day the true telepathic communication and vision will take the place of speech and of writings.

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