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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Eleven - Analysis of the Three Sentences
Carrying the same concepts into the field of real esoteric work we have the worker in thought-matter building his thought-form and "confining the lives" which express and respond to his idea within a "ring-pass-not". This latter persists for as long as his mind attention and hence his ensouling energy is directed upon it. We have him pronouncing the words which will enable his thought-form to do its work, fulfil the mission for which it has been constructed, and carry out the purpose for which it was created. All that has been given out hitherto in connection with the words used in the creative work is the sevenfold sacred word, AUM. This, when rightly used by the soul on the mental plane vitalizes and expedites all thought-forms, and so produces successful enterprise. It is interesting to note that in Atlantean days, the word used was TAU, enunciated explosively and so forcefully, that the thought-forms thus energized and expedited acted inevitably like a boomerang, and returned to the one who sent them forth. This word TAU is likewise, in its symbolic form, the [479] symbol of reincarnation. It is desire for form which produces the use of form and causes cyclic and constant rebirth in form. It was the constant use of the TAU likewise, which brought about the final overwhelming with water, which swept away the ancient Atlantean civilization; the few who used the AUM in those days were not potent enough to offset the force of desire. The mind bodies of the race could not respond to that newer creative sound. Humanity was still swept entirely by longing and desire to such an extent that the united desire for possessions and for the enjoyment of form drove men esoterically "into the waters". Desire for form still forces upon humanity the constant process of rebirth until such time as the TAU influence is exhausted and the AUM sound can dominate. The former influence is however weakening, and the AUM is increasing in potency until it will be the dominating factor. To this latter sound, the word of the Soul must eventually succeed, until AUM in its turn is entirely superseded.

The sound of many waters (which is the symbolic way of expressing the TAU influence) will cease, and the time will come, as we are assured in the Christian Bible, when there "will be no more sea". Then the sound of the AUM which is symbolically spoken of as the "roaring of a blazing fire ", and which is the sound of the mental plane will take its place. The word of the soul cannot be given except in the secret place of initiation. It has its own peculiar vibration and note, but this cannot be conveyed until such time as the AUM is used with correctness. Just as the TAU, carrying the note of desire and of the urge to have and to be, was misused and carried its civilizations to disaster, so AUM can also be misused and can carry its civilizations into the fire. This is the truth which really underlies the misunderstood Christian teaching anent hell-fire and the lake of fire. They portray symbolically the end of the age [480] when the mental plane civilizations will come to a cataclysmic end, as far as the form aspect is concerned just as the earlier civilizations came to a watery consummation.

One hint here I will give, and one that is oft overlooked. On the mental plane, time is not; therefore the time equation enters not into the idea of a final ending by fire. There is no setting of a time for a disaster or a catastrophe. The full effect will take place in the realm of the mind, and may it not be said that even now the fire of anxiety, of foreboding, of worry, and of fear is burning up our thoughts and engrossing our mental attention? Its work is to purify and cleanse, so, let the AUM do its work and let all of you who can, employ it with frequency and with right thought so that the world purification may proceed apace. Much must be burned and consumed which bars the way for the emergence of the new ideas, the new archetypal forms. These will eventually dominate the new age and make it possible for the word of the soul to sound forth and be heard exoterically.

I realize that that which I have imparted here is difficult of comprehension, but the paragraphs above dictated hold warning for the careless and much instruction for the earnest seeker after light.

There are two aspects of this phrase which we are considering with which I seek briefly to deal. There are many which I might take up, but two will suffice to carry practical suggestion, and to indicate ideas which aspirants everywhere would do well to grasp. The thought of salvation from the effect of form - embodied ideas must be considered, and I would like also to cover the idea of "a saving-from" under two headings. The aspirant has to be saved from the thought-forms built daily during his mental life, and a soul in incarnation has also to be saved from the form attachments which during the ages have [481] grown and strengthened, and from which he has to be released through the process we call death. We will therefore divide our subject as follows:

  1. Salvation from the power exerted by the thought-forms we have ourselves created.
  2. Salvation from the power of the threefold body which the soul has built, through the magical release called death.

It is with the latter that I wish primarily to deal, but certain things must be said concerning the power of thought-forms, and concerning their danger, and the mode whereby they can be rendered innocuous.

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