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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Fourteen - The Use of the Hands
It will be apparent therefore that the Science of the Hands is a very real one and the disciple has to learn the nature of the forces in the different centers, how to transmit and unify them and then by an act of the will how to pass them outward through the chakras in the hands. The hands do their work either directly, or through the projection of a steady flow once the blended currents have been tapped, or indirectly, or by manipulation. Through [577] a knowledge of the law a disciple can not only utilize the current flowing through the centers of his own body, but can also combine them with the planetary or cosmic currents to be found in his environment. This is done unconsciously frequently by speakers who magnetically use the hands to any extent and the effects as seen by a clairvoyant are often amazing. When this work is done consciously a most potent factor is added to the equipment of any chela.

In this connection it must be borne in mind that the matter is a very abstruse one and that certain ray forces pass along the line of least resistance from left to right and others from right to left. Certain centers transmit their energies via the right hand and others via the left. Much knowledge is therefore required in order to work scientifically.

I have no time to take up in detail the meaning of the hands as they wield the sword, save to point out that the sword as a symbol stands for many things:

  1. The sharp, two-edged sword is the discriminative faculty which reaches to the roots of the chela's being and separates the real and true from the false and impermanent. It is wielded by the ego from the mental plane and is spoken of as the "Sword of cold blue steel."
  2. The sword of renunciation, or that double-bladed axe which the chela willingly applies to anything he considers as likely to hold him back from his goal. It is applied primarily to the things of the physical plane.
  3. The sword of the Spirit is that weapon which in the hands of the disciple cuts down before the eyes of the group he is serving the obstacles which stand in the way of group progress. It is only wielded safely by those who have trained their arms to [578] wield the other swords and in the hands of an initiate is a most potent factor.

The Old Commentary to which reference has been oft times made says:

"The steel is needed for the transmission of the fire. When the force of the inner man is coupled with the energy transmitted through the chakras of the palms, it passeth down the shining blade and blendeth with the force of the One Who is the ALL. Thus is the Plan consummated."

And thus it might be added is the energy of the unit augmented by the force of the greater Whole.

It is said in the occult books and likewise in The Secret Doctrine that all initiates must be healers; therefore, that all initiates use the palms of the hands in the work of healing. Only those therefore, who have wielded the sword dare lay the sword down and stand with empty hands, uplifted in blessing. Only the "armed hand" can safely be used in the work of salvation; only those who have "taken the kingdom of Heaven by force" and who are occultly known as the "Violent Ones" can take the heavenly supply and use it in the work of healing. This should be carefully borne in mind. The true healing force can only flow through those who in some degree either directly (by right of initiation or of advanced discipleship) or indirectly, as being used on the inner side by some adept or advanced healer, are linked with the hierarchy. A man should know his status before he can rightly heal. This does not apply to those healers who are unconscious workers, being powerful transmitters of prana or solar vitality. Their name is legion and they do much good even though at times the energy they transmit serves to stimulate wrongly.

As regards the use of the hands in turning keys I will simply give a hint. Only those hands can turn the key in the door of initiation who have learnt the "art of the [579] centers", the significance of the hands in service, the wielding of the swords, and the four positions in which the hands are held in group service.

Study, therefore, the type of force which you usually wield; know along what line of ray energy it comes and so arrive at a truer knowledge of yourself and of your own inner capacities, and ascertain likewise what types of energy you may lack and how your equipment can be duly rounded out.

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