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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Fourteen - The Use of the Hands
B. The quality of the force used is necessarily dependent upon the ray from which it may emanate. You ask me to differentiate between the words type and quality. I would say that the type of force indicates the life aspect, whilst the quality indicates the consciousness aspect, and that both of them are aspects of the entity or the being who is the embodiment of a ray. The type will manifest primarily through what we might call dynamic direction and through its power to produce an effect. This has, of course, to be coupled to right quality and skill in action. The quality will be indicated more by its power of attractive approach. It has in it more of the magnetic aspect than the type has. Students can arrive at the quality of the force they may be using by noticing what they attract to themselves, both in circumstances, in people, and in the reactions which people show to what the student may say or do. In the type there is a preponderance of the will aspect, in the quality the desire aspect is primarily to be found. It is profoundly true that according to a man's desires so will be the forms of life which he will, like a magnet, attract to himself.

C. The strength of a particular force brings us back to the Rule we are studying, for it involves in itself the factor of true persistence, and we have earlier seen that the emergence into functioning life and activity of any form is dependent upon the persistent attention of its [580] creator. Energy can be used dynamically or steadily and the effects of these two modes of the application of energy differ. One is primarily used in destructive work, and this is the dynamic method. There are, for instance, certain dynamic words of power which, when employed by the Creative Destroyers, bring about the destruction of forms. With these, however, aspirants have naught to do. Their important work is to learn the meaning of persistence and of strength. It is literally a time-persistence, and strength is beyond all other things the power to endure, to hold out, to stand steady, and to go forward undeterred. Study, therefore, most carefully the types dynamic, the quality magnetic, and the strength persistent of the forces which constitute your equipment. When you can wield, either destructively or constructively, either selfishly or selflessly, or in line with the Plan Universal, or the plan selfish and personal then you will work consciously and will knowingly tread the right or the left hand path.

D. The speed of the force used is dependent upon these three previous factors. Speed in this sense has no essential relation to time, though it is hard to find another word to use in the place of speed. It relates to the world of effects as they emanate from the world of causes. It has, perhaps, essentially a relation to truth, for the truer an impulse is and the clearer the understanding of the subjective purpose, so will the right direction and the impact of the force, follow automatically. Perhaps speed could be more correctly translated by the words "correct direction", for where there is correct direction, true orientation, exact understanding of purpose and recognition of the type of force required, then there is an instantaneous effect. When the soul has registered the desired quality and possesses the strength of the Timeless One and the persistence of the One Who is from the beginning, the process of force expression and the [581] relation between cause and effect is spontaneous and simultaneous, and not sequential. This can scarcely be understood by those who have not yet the consciousness of the eternal Now. But this spontaneous and simultaneous effect is the clue to the entire magical work and in these four words - type, quality, strength and speed - the story of the work of a White Magician is told. But more I dare not give and it is not permitted to me to speak more clearly. Few are yet fitted to be magicians and few (perhaps fortunately) have as yet all the seven centers awakened so that they can work freely on the seven planes and with the seven types of the seven ray energies.

I would point out that these four aspects of energy can be studied by the aspirant in his own nature. On the physical plane he is apparently the initiating cause and as he works with these energies they will call forth a response and a reaction from those who feel the impact of them and who demonstrate their effect. It is true, therefore, is it not, that we work and live in a world of forces? We need no distant field or special domain in which to live and learn and work, for we dwell in a world of force and energy; we are ourselves constituted of force or energy units; and we wield force, knowingly or unknowingly, throughout the twenty-four hours of the day. The field of our occult training is the field of the world and the world of our peculiar circumstances and environment.

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