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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Fifteen - The Esoteric Sense
This esoteric sense is the main need of the aspirant at [604] this time of the world history. Until aspirants have somewhat grasped it and can use it, they can never form part of the New Group; they can never work as white magicians, and these Instructions will remain for them theoretical and mainly intellectual, instead of being practical and effective.

To cultivate this inner esoteric sense, meditation is needed, and continuous meditation, in the early stages of development. But as time elapses and a man grows spiritually, this daily meditation will perforce give way to a steady spiritual orientation and then meditation as now understood and needed will no longer be required. The detachment between a man and his usable forms will be so complete, that he will live ever in the "seat of the Observer", and from that point and attitude will direct the activities of the mind and of the emotions and of the energies which make physical expression possible and useful.

The first stage in this development and culture of the esoteric sense consists in the holding of the attitude of constant detached observation.

The new Group of World Workers might well be regarded in its outer ranks as a trained body of organized observers. I would divide the group into three divisions and I do so in order that aspirants and chelas all over the world may be guided in their knowledge as to where they stand individually and may, in sincerity and truth, begin to work with intelligence. They can be thus aided to place themselves.

First, there are the Organized Observers. These aspirants are learning to do two things. They are learning to practice that detachment which will enable them to live as souls in the world of daily affairs and to understand the real significance of the words: to work without attachment. They are also, secondly, those students of world affairs in one or other of the seven departments [605] earlier referred to when I brought the new group to the attention of the world. They are studying the signs of the times. They investigate the great drama of history in order to discover its main trend and so express to the ordinary academic world and to the thinkers of the race what they see and understand.

Running all through human history is a triple thread and in the interplay of these three threads the story of evolution is to be found. One thread guides the thoughts of man as he deals with the development of the form aspect, with the racial trends, and it shows how undeviatingly the forms of races, of countries, and of the fauna and flora of our planetary life have kept pace with the needs of the slowly emerging sons of God. The second thread leads us to an understanding of the growth of consciousness, and indicates emergence from the instinctual stage into that of intellectual awareness, and on to that intuitional illumination which is the present goal of consciousness.

The third thread concerns the Plan itself and here we enter the realm of the truly unknown. What the plan is, and what the goal, is as yet totally unrealized except by the highest adept and the most exalted of the sons of God. Until the illumined mind and the power of intuitional response are developed in the human family, it is not possible for us to grasp the basic concepts which are to be found in the mind of God Himself. Until the highest point of the Mount of Initiation has been climbed, it is not possible to vision the Promised Land as it is. Until the limitations - the necessary limitations - of the three worlds have been surmounted and man can function as a free soul in the spiritual kingdom, that which lies beyond that kingdom must remain hid to man just as much as the human state of being and awareness remains a sealed book to the animal. This is a salutary and needed lesson which all disciples should grasp. [606]

But observers of times and seasons can make rapid progress in intuitional growth if they persevere in their meditation, train their intellects, and endeavor always to think in terms of universals. Let them look at the historical retrospect as part of the emerging preparation which will inaugurate the future. Let them take heart of grace as they recognize the fact that the kingdom of souls is steadily becoming a physical plane phenomenon (do I speak paradoxically?) and will be known eventually as a kingdom of nature and considered so by the scientists before two centuries have passed away. These "Organized Observers" form the outer circle of the new group and their keynote is synthesis, the elimination of non-essentials and the organizing of human knowledge. Working in the many fields of human awareness, they are distinguished by a non-sectarian spirit, and by an ability to deal with foundational essentials and to link up varying departments of human investigation into one organized and unified whole.

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