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A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Fifteen - The Esoteric Sense
Second, the next group in the new Group of World Workers is that of the telepathic communicators. These are much fewer in number and are distinguished by their relatively close interrelation with each other. They are primarily a linking or a bridging group. They are gathered out of the more exoteric circle of the organized observers, but have a wider scope of service than they have, for they work in a more truly esoteric manner. They are in touch with each other, and with the organized observers, but they are likewise in touch with the group of men and women who stand at the very center or heart of the world group. Their work is threefold and very difficult. Steadily they have to cultivate that detachment which characterizes the soul which knows itself. Steadily they take the knowledge and information accumulated by the organized observers and adapt it to the need of the world, and give out the teaching. They work [607] effectively but always from behind the scenes, and though they may be known in the world in this early stage of the work of the new group, and though they may be therefore recognized as teachers, writers and workers, later they will recede more and more into the background and will work through the outer circle. They will inspire them, and will place increasing responsibility upon their shoulders; they will nurture the growth of telepathic interplay in the world and thus weave those strands which will eventually bridge the present gap between the seen and the unseen and so make the new world possible - a world in which death as we know it will be abolished and a trained universal continuity of consciousness be established. That is why the emphasis is laid in training the members of this group in the new group, upon telepathic sensitivity. The members of this second circle of workers are taught to develop sensitiveness in three directions: to the thoughts of men in physical incarnation; to the minds of those who have passed over and who are still in mind bodies, and thirdly to the group of spiritual Beings who stand as the custodians of the evolutionary process and through whose hands the three threads of developing life steadily pass.

Their task is exceedingly hard, far harder than that of the first group and harder even than that of the last, for they lack as yet certain powers and needed experience. Their center of consciousness is the intuition and not that of the synthesizing intellect, and their state of awareness is wide and inclusive. They therefore can suffer more than the majority, and few there are who are not at this stage too sensitive for their own comfort and too responsive to vibrations emanating from the form aspect in all three worlds. Their state of detachment is not yet complete. They bridge, and therefore support infinite problems and respond to world pain. They see, if I may so express it, too much, for theirs is not yet the privilege [608] of visioning with clarity the goal that lies two hundred years ahead. They sense the present need. They are responsive to the new tide of spiritual force which is flowing in. They carry the weight of humanity on their shoulders, and because they are somewhat coordinated, they live in all three worlds at once, and this few can do. They are aware of the urgency of the present opportunity and also of the apathy of the many and for these reasons they work under terrific pressure.

Third, the innermost group of all is that of the members of the Hierarchy itself. I care not the least whether these liberated souls are recognized as Elder Brethren of the race, as Masters of the Wisdom, as the Cloud of Witnesses, as the Christ and His Church, as Supermen or under any terms which the inherited tendencies of humanity or tradition may choose to call them. They themselves care less. The petty quarrels as to their personalities and names and status matter not at all. But they are the intelligent forces of the planet; they express, because of their state of expanded consciousness, the Mind of God; they embody the intelligent principle, immutable and unchanging, and through them flows the energy which we call the Will of God, for lack of better understanding. They know far more of the plan than do the two outer circles in the new Group of World Workers, for they see clearly just what is the next step which planetary evolution will guide the race to take during the next two hundred years. They do not occupy themselves with idle speculations as to the ultimate goal at the close of a world age. This may surprise you in view of the many speculations of the uninitiated. But so it is. They know that there is a time and a season for all things, and looking ahead and comprehending intuitively the goal for all kingdoms in the immediate future, all their united effort is bent to one end - the cultivating of the intuitional telepathic responsiveness of the Communicators who bridge the gap [609] between them and the physical world. These latter in their turn seek to employ the Observers. Knowers, Communicators, and Observers - all working in a close if oft-times unrealized unity, and all responsive (according to their degree) to the impulsion of the Mind and Will of the Logos, the solar Deity.

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