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Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part III
Those who are in preparation for initiation must learn to work consciously with glamor; they must work effectively with the presented truth, ignoring any pain or suffering or mental questioning which is incident to personality rebellion and limitation; they must cultivate that "divine indifference" to personal considerations which is the outstanding hallmark of the trained initiate.

I shall not deal further with the subject of glamor as it affects or might affect this particular group of disciples in my Ashram. The times are urgent and the need of humanity so great that there is no "space in consciousness" (to use an ancient occult phrase) for the reiteration of the known ideal, or to tell you again what needs to be done. [28]

I would have you realize that there is no haste in the work which a Master carries on in connection with his disciples. There is no hurry in the work which I am proposing that we do together, but neither should there be any waste time or lost motion. It will become apparent to you that much that I seek to accomplish is related to thought control and to the activity of the creative imagination. The Hierarchy produces its effects upon the plane of appearances through the potency of its unified, conscious thinking. The establishing of such a condition of unified thinking within the New Group of World Servers is part of my major effort at this time; we can achieve little until that has been brought about.

So I summon you to a new phase of intense, inner living and dynamic thinking, but this time with a group objective - the objective of group fusion, group united thinking and group relation. . . . It is the inner life of reflection, the cultivated recognition of the soul and the reflective alignment of soul and personality which will determine the success of this work.

Third: There is another great mind power which has to be unfolded. It is one which characterizes all liberated souls, no matter what their ray. This is the power to heal. This work is as yet in embryo and the group consciousness is as yet so young and unpolarized that it is needless for me to enlarge upon the possibilities ahead. When men can be trained to be unselfishly and divinely magnetic and radioactive, then there will be poured out upon the world certain divine forces which will vivify and reconstruct, which will eliminate the evil and heal the sick. Hitherto the attempts of men in the field of medicine, of healing and of the various forms of therapy have been the result of impulses to respond to these hovering forces, but that is all as yet.

These are the three major faculties which the spiritual man can unfold; other faculties and developing capacities are only expansions of these three - telepathic thought, receiving and transmitting; intuitive recognition of truth and its formulation into concepts by the mind, plus the later process of materializing that which has been intuited, the highest form of creative work; healing, with its understanding of energy and forces which will lead later to the rebirth of humanity. [29]

Little by little, the picture of the possibilities and of the Plan will unfold before you as your minds increase in sensitivity and your brains become more responsive to mental impulses. Little by little, the disciples of the world will work at the reproduction - on the physical plane - of that which exists subjectively. Little by little, there will appear all over the earth, groups of illumined souls who can cooperate with the Masters with perfect freedom of intercourse because their responsiveness has been scientifically trained and developed. Their power to work in tune with or in unison with the Hierarchy, to cooperate with the group life of many other groups of disciples and to communicate light and revelation to the world of men will later be an accomplished fact and is already much more actively present and potent than you think. A little vision, brother of mine, makes the way of the disciple easier and hence I have enlarged somewhat upon the possibilities which we, with our prevision, regard as already facts in manifestation. Nothing can stop the eventual success of the Plan; it is simply a question of time.

One of the steps in training which lies ahead of you is the establishing of a closer contact with me, your Tibetan Teacher. This you must attempt with no formulated ideas as to what the results will be - if any are to be objectively realized. The results may be sensed by me alone on my side, or they may work out in certain specific realizations and even phenomena on your side. I indicate not the results of such an activity for the power of suggestion and the response of the creative imagination is a fruitful source of glamor.

I would, therefore, ask all of you who are my disciples to endeavor to make a contact with me at the time of the Full Moon each month. Make sacrifice in order to establish this monthly relation as I will make my adjustments to contact you. May I emphasize the necessity for holding the thought of that contact for three whole days prior to the Full Moon itself, with aspiration and with confidence and then for three days afterwards with expectancy. May I point out the prime importance of making this a group activity and not a personal contact. Enter upon the work with the realization of your group relation with your fellow disciples and with me, for only in so far as [30] you seek to contact me as a disciple in my group will the measure of your success be rated. This contact is not of the same nature as that direct and individual contact between a chela and his Master. Many of you are linked with your own Master, though temporarily working in my Ashram; your contact with me is intended to be a group contact and, as a group, you will seek to strengthen the tie between us. This, therefore, is an act of group service to be rendered selflessly and with no personal expectancy. Owing to the pressure of time and of urgency in service, I am one of several teachers who have pledged themselves for the next few years to keep the twelve hours prior to the Full Moon of each month open for contacts with their disciples, so that at any time during that twelve hours, the world servers and disciples can make an attempt to reach us. This will somewhat facilitate your work for you need not, therefore keep the exact hour of the Full Moon, unless this is easily possible. Service in the world these days requires constant pressure and attention and the work is strenuous. It may not always be possible for you to make your approach at the exact hour of the Full Moon, though you can at that hour always - silently and interiorly - lift up your heart and eyes to the Eternal. But at some hour during the preceding twelve hours, you can make your approach. When you do so rightly, you will find me waiting. Go to your work with clear vision, a loving heart and an understanding love. Much can then be accomplished.

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