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Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part IV

As these groups of disciples become active in the world and their inner integration and group relationship become securely established, we shall have the germ of those characteristics which will dignify the New Age groups. I would ask you all never to forget that this group work you are attempting to do is in reality pioneer work and hence has all the difficulties which pioneer work inevitably and necessarily has. Thereby strength to grow is gained. As the number of these groups increases and the personnel is gradually supplied, the skeleton framework of a future structure will slowly emerge. How that structure [31] will appear when completed is known only to the inspired vision of the architects. But the foundations must be set sure and deep; the framework must be true and rightly adjusted. These two requirements are all that any of you will see materialize in this present life time.

Have you realized, however, my brothers, what occult progress in the world you have been permitted to see during this present life time? Have you glimpsed the magnitude of the present push that is being made by the Masters and have you recognized their plans taking shape before your eyes? Have you grasped the essentials of what the Great White Lodge has done during the past twenty-five years and the extent of the work in which disciples and aspirants everywhere have been permitted to share? I would like briefly to enlarge, somewhat upon this so as to make the picture clearer to your eyes in order that you may cooperate with greater intelligence, for this is above everything else group work.

Slowly and gradually, as far as you are all concerned, I have gathered together a band of disciples upon the outer plane. As the group thought-form integrated and disciples responded to my call, found each other and began to work together, it became possible for me to go forward with my chosen work and carry forward the plans which I set myself when I took a certain initiation.

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