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Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part VI
The teaching has always been given that the disciple or the initiate must adapt himself to, and learn from, the conditions in which he finds himself and from the setting and environment with which his physical plane life puts him in daily touch. This is one of the initial platitudes of the Path. It was, however, at one time as new a concept to the aspirant and the disciple under training as is the teaching which I seek to give this group of my disciples and the opportunity which I would have you seize. The training, hitherto carried forward upon the inner planes, and unrealized oft in the waking consciousness of the accepted disciple, has now to be grasped, used and mastered in his waking consciousness and physical brain. The disciple in the past sought to establish harmonious relations with his environment - harmony being one of the liberating forces which must precede the release of energy for use after initiation. He practiced patience and forbearance and helpfulness and rendered service and this was worked out through the process of right external conduct based upon right inner orientation and attitude. But under the new system (made necessary by achieved racial progress) this process of right external adjustments must be paralleled in the New Age by right inner relations, consciously established and consciously held and recognized for what they are by the conscious mind and brain of the disciple. This, therefore, involves true knowledge of the disciple's inner group relation, spiritual penetration to the inner life of a brother disciple and the consequent fusion in the heart-mind-brain [59] of the disciple, simultaneously, of all that is known on both the outer and the inner planes. This has not hitherto been the case. It is one of the major reasons for the forming of these groups as far as the individual group members are concerned. It will be brought about gradually and safely by the daily use of the group meditations which I may assign you, by a renewed interest in the subject of telepathic work and by a closer and deeper love, cultivated by all of you.

Three things are of great importance and constitute your individual responsibility:

1. Facility of rapport. As a member of my group, it is essential that you cultivate two aspects of the "art of rapport" which is based, eternally, on loving attraction.

  1. Rapport or contact with the soul through a cultivated alignment and correct meditation.
  2. Rapport or contact with your group brothers; this lays the foundation for constructive, united work.

2. Impersonality. Is there aught more that I can say on this theme? You must learn to view what is said or suggested by any group brother with a complete and carefully developed "divine indifference." Note the use of the word "divine," for it holds the clue to the needed attitude. It is a different thing to the indifference of not caring, or the indifference of a psychologically developed "way of escape" from that which is not pleasant; nor is it the indifference of superiority. It is the indifference which accepts all that is offered, uses what is serviceable, learns what can be learnt but is not held back by personality reactions. It is the normal attitude of the soul or self to the not-self. It is the negation of prejudice, of all narrow preconceived ideas, of all personality tradition, influence or background. It is the process of detachment from "the world, the flesh and the devil" of which The New Testament speaks.

3. Love. Love is that inclusive, non-critical, magnetic comprehension and attitude which (in group work) preserves the group integrity, fosters the group rhythm and permits no secondary personality happenings or attitudes to mar the group work. [60]

Contact, impersonality and love - these three constitute the individual objectives which I set before each and all of you.

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