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Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part VI
The group requirements which must be met and preserved by the group, as a group, are as follows:
  1. Group integrity. This grows out of right integration and refers to the delicate balance which must be preserved amongst the members of the group. This is of such a nature that there emerges eventually a group steadiness and a group freedom from "oscillation" which will permit of uninterrupted group work and interplay. It will come if each of the group members will simply mind his own business and permit his group brothers to mind theirs; it will come if you keep your personality affairs, your private concerns and troubles out of the group life; it will come if you refrain from discussion of each other and of each other's affairs and attitudes. This is of supreme importance at this stage of the group work; it will mean - if you can achieve success in this - that you will be able to keep your minds clear of all lesser things which concern the personality life. This means that your minds will be free, therefore, for group work.
  2. Fusion. By this I mean the ability of the group to work as a unit. This is dependent upon the achieving of right individual attitudes and (when working) the attainment of the capacity to lose sight of everything except the work to be done and a deeply sensed love of your brothers.
  3. Understanding. I use this word in reference to your comprehension of the work to be undertaken. I do not use the word in reference to your attitude to yourself or to your group brothers. It means that each group works wisely and understandingly at its own appointed task, knowing that it contributes to a whole which exists in the mind of the Master.
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