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Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part VII
Another question could well be: What is the difference between this work which I am suggesting to you and the work of the Lodge of the Lords of Form? None whatsoever, except in motive and the point from which you must endeavor to work. The Lords of Form work entirely on and from the lower levels of the mental plane and with the energy of knowledge. The love aspect of the soul itself is inactive and, therefore, from the angle and vision of the Great White Lodge, motives are wrong and the objectives are selfish ones. This is true both of individuals and groups. Forget not that these Lords of Form are souls of great age and unique blindness. But that later, in some far distant cycle, and when karma has worked upon them and the Great Law has exacted full payment for all wrong done, that they too will begin to develop the love aspect and to transmute their motives. You too must work from mental levels but knowledge and love must be called into play together, producing only those results which are harmoniously and intelligently in line with the Plan. Disciples are not permitted to call into play and functioning activity the Will aspect of the soul, unless they are initiates of the third degree. Prior to that, they seldom realize the distinction between the imposition of the will and the directed impression of ideas. There is too much desire (which is embryonic will) in their equipment for them to be trusted as yet with this higher aspect of mental activity. I would ask you to get clearly in your minds in [65] connection with any telepathic work which these groups (working under me) should do, that it is the impression of ideas and not imposed direction which is the group ideal - a very different thing, my brother.

You might also ask: How can this collective impressing go on and yet leave a man free? Because it will be kept clear of all directed will-force; all that workers and disciples in my groups will seek to do is to impress certain minds with the outlines or suggestions as to the Plan; these ideas will deal particularly with the concept that separation is a thing of the past and that unity is the goal of the immediate future; that hatred is retro-active and undesirable and that goodwill is the touchstone which will transform the world.

How then can you keep your minds free from your own desires and from your own interpretations? By achieving that poised and positive negativity on the part of the two lower aspects of the personality - the astral body and the brain as well as the etheric brain; these determine the reactions of the lower centers, particularly of the solar plexus center. The mind will then be left free to fulfil three functions:

  1. That of soul contact; this will result in illumination and a working knowledge of the immediate aspects of the Plan.
  2. That of thought formulation and thought-form creation. Then a clear thought-form can be constructed with definiteness, and it can be positively directed.
  3. That of working on mental levels with your group brothers so that your thought-form is a part of their thought-form and you can, therefore, untidily produce a living, embodied form which can be directed as I may determine.
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