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Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part VII
Another question might here arise: Are there any specific and brief rules which should be obeyed? The following might be given, but I would remind you that it is what you are that counts in this work more powerfully than anything else. The controlling factor is harmlessness in thought and word; the practice of this, with proper observation, will greatly help all of you. Next comes a refusal to think unkindly or with [66] criticism; this is essential in connection with those whose minds you seek to impress. Silence, complete and unbroken as to what you are doing, is also a vital factor; the utterance of words in connection with this most subtle and confidential work (or even discussion of the work with a fellow-disciple) can shatter the delicate thought-form which you are attempting to build. It can render the work of weeks abortive. A balanced attitude in relation to those in power throughout the world must also be cultivated: they need above all else the inspiration which can be brought to them from the Hierarchy.

I would ask you, therefore, to practice purging the content of your minds of all critical and unkind thoughts so that you can achieve an attitude of divine indifference to the ephemeral and fleeting personalities and to the chaos everywhere to be seen and so endeavor to tune in on the attitude of the Hierarchy. This involves the emphasis of the consciousness-aspect and the careful observation of all that goes on beneath the surface - awakening, arousing and stimulating to a pronounced mental activity, the hitherto unconscious masses. The events which are happening in every country are bringing this about with much rapidity; humanity is coming alive and its consciousness is awakening to the subjective values. The Hierarchy is sore beset to meet humanity's emerging need of guidance. The sensitivity of the human race (as the result of economic insufficiency, of war, anxiety and pain) is becoming so acute that we who work on the inner side must hasten to impress sensitive, awakening psychics with the right impression. Hence our effort to create these groups, and to use people like yourselves who are (theoretically) harmless but actually full of prejudice and hasty judgments. We have to use the material which lies to hand and are greatly handicapped at all times.

After you have worked consciously at the purification of the mind and after you have attempted to free yourselves from prejudice, from preconceived ideas and hasty judgments and determinations (based upon your own background, tradition, social and racial status) , you will then brood consciously on the process of thought-form making; you will remember that - for group purposes and for simplicity - the following three stages are of importance: [67]

  1. The stage of pondering over the idea which is to be impressed upon the mind of some individual. This pondering and carefully directed thinking produces construction; it is a creative activity and is the first real stage in our work. I do not want you to endeavor to build thought-forms. I want you to think clearly along lines which I may indicate. Then the desired thought-form will automatically take shape and all of you will have contributed something to it.
  2. When the thought-form is thus built in your mind, there will follow a period wherein it comes alive. It slowly becomes the living embodiment of the desired idea-vibrant, active and ready for service.
  3. When this stage is reached, you can then - as a group - proceed with the stage of direction. Having carefully in mind the person to be impressed and the fact of your group as the impressing agency (thus providing the two poles between which interplay is desired), you will try to see the living embodied idea, playing back and forth between the two poles. You will send it out on the wings of love, impelled by the wise desire to serve and - in obedience to my directions. Time and again, it may return to you for revivifying and enrichment before its task is satisfactorily accomplished.
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