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Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part VII
The externalized groups of disciples are all of them intended to be expressions of a type of group relation which will be better known and understood when the world has entered into the next cycle and era of peace. Certain types of force are, as you know, to be later utilized by the groups for specific group ends and for world service. The motive for all such service must not be forgotten by you, as you study and work in a Master's group. The objective is not your individual assistance and unfoldment but your training in certain group alignments and activities which will enable these groups of disciples to work in a definite and specific manner. The fact, however, that one group will work with one type of force and another group of disciples will employ a different kind must not in any sense be deemed to indicate separate activity or separate interests. All [68] will be working towards one objective or goal and all will work with the same divine energy, differentiated into varying forces for the purposes of service in one department of life or another. I would ask you to ponder deeply upon the various aspects of the outlined plan or system of group work which I have brought to you, for it is a tentative endeavor to externalize upon earth, certain phases of hierarchical endeavor.

The energy used in the telepathic work is the "chitta" (as the Hindus call it) or the mind-stuff which underlies and is the very substance of manifestation itself. God, the planetary Life or Logos, however, works with the higher correspondence of this mind-stuff and the forces of the mental plane are the reflection or rather the densification of this higher mental substance. These forces, this mind-stuff, is constantly in flux and in motion. This produces that thought-form-making activity of the mental world which is set in motion by minds-working either individually or in group formation. In true telepathic work (carried forward without error and correctly and from a poised point of action) the currents of this mind-stuff are set in motion between certain points by the will and the carefully expressed and formulated idea in the mind of the thinker. A certain portion of this mind stuff (already in motion) is built into form and then travels along the current, as set up between the two points. The telepathic worker, such as, for instance, myself, works from the angle of the mind of the transmitter and that of the recipient, establishing first of all a current of rapport (which you sometimes call "sensing the Tibetan's vibration"); along that current, I send the impression, the idea or the thought-form which I seek to see impinging first of all upon your minds and then - if you are capable of such alignment - upon your brains. This process can be either rapid or slow. Where the alignment is good, there can be an almost immediate response to my thought; where it is not good, it may take days and even weeks for the impression to be finally realized and consciously registered on the disciple's mind and brain.

There are other groups which are consciously working with the energy which can dispel glamor and illusion. This is the energy of the highest level of the astral plane. This level is [69] susceptible to reaction or response to that type of energy which we call the energy of the intuition or of buddhi, if you like the oriental terminology. It is the energy of wisdom. This wisdom energy is the only type of force which is adequate to dispel the miasmas, the fogs and the mists of the world of glamor. Those disciples who are working in these groups have to learn to use this energy, to work wisely, to think with wisdom and to realize that wisdom itself is a force. It is this realization which makes a person seek out another person with wisdom when he is in trouble and difficulty and is anxious to see with clarity the way that he should go. It is this realization which drives the members of the human family to the Masters of the Wisdom.

In Atlantean days (I am here telling you something of interest and something which should evoke a sense of responsibility), the major task of the Masters of the Wisdom was with the great world illusion or rather, glamor. They worked then primarily upon the astral plane and had they not done so, human life and conditions would not be so good as they are - for they are in reality full of beauty, the beauty of potentiality, hovering upon the verge of immediacy of expression.

Today, they are working primarily upon the mental plane, dealing with ideas and with their impression upon the minds of their disciples and advanced humanity; it is the problem of humanity itself, as a whole, to work in the world glamor; it is the responsibility of the aspirants of the world to guide humanity out of the valley of glamor. Men must learn to understand it and eventually - aided by the senior disciples of the world, trained by the Masters of the Wisdom - to transmute and dispel it.

You should, therefore, bear in mind that the task before the modern disciple is to carry forward into the New Age the idea of the bringing of glamor and of the great illusion into the light. In the light, it will disappear. In this age, we have mastered, too well perhaps, the forces of nature and have brought out for our own benefit the material resources of the physical plane. We have conquered them and bent them to our will and use, often selfishly, yet sometimes with good and pure intent. In the New Age, a paralleling control will take place [70] over the world of astral phenomena and over the forces of glamor and illusion. We seek to control them today mentally and theoretically. But only the energy of wisdom will suffice to dispel the forces of the world glamor and the world illusion. Practice wisdom, my brothers, and thus aid humanity and shorten its astral struggle.

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