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Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part VII
Other groups have the task of working with the energy which is the well known and much discussed prana or life energy - the energy of vitality. The right use of the pranic energies (and they are seven in number) will most assuredly dissipate disease
and bodily ills and will cure the pains of the human physical vehicle. But in connection with this, two things are essential and these are seldom found together:
  1. The energy of the soul - like the energy of the universal mind and the energy of buddhi, or the intuition - has to be set in action upon the physical plane by the one to be healed and by the healer. Both have to work in cooperation.
  2. There must be right understanding of the disease and its cause, plus the karmic status of the patient and the condition of his centers, his alignment and his point in evolution.

As yet we are only dealing with the a.b.c. of these relatively new sciences and much of our initial work must be of a clarifying nature because there is so much distorted sensing of these occult systems of energy utilization and so much misuse of these powers.

Other groups are associated in a peculiar manner with the number four, and they are occupied with the bridging work carried forward between the personality and the Monad (the triple lower man and the Spiritual Triad) and also between the lower mind, the soul and the higher mind - thus linking that relatively lower triplicity with the unity, the Spiritual Triad. The fourth kingdom in nature is, in its turn, a bridging kingdom between the three superhuman kingdoms and the three subhuman. Again, the fourth plane (which must be reached by the bridge of light, the antahkarana) is the link between the three higher worlds of spiritual being and the three lower [71] worlds of human endeavor and experience. The energy with which the group of disciples along this line of activity has to work is the Light of the soul, remembering ever that light is substance; their effort is to create - as individuals and also as a group of disciples - a great pathway of light between the personality and the Spiritual Triad (atma-buddhi-manas or spiritual will, intuitive understanding and the higher mind).

I have not dealt with some of the activities of these groups of disciples in the New Age or pointed out the energies with which they must work in order to emphasize again to you the plans for my own groups of disciples. These groups with which I am engaged as part of the activity of my Ashram are essentially Seed Groups. They are intended to be outposts of the hierarchical consciousness as it focuses itself through me in the same sense as an individual accepted disciple is an outpost of his Master's consciousness in the world. That is the connection which I seek to emphasize - the externalization of the inner work of the planetary Hierarchy for the first time in history and a precipitation (if you like that term) of an inner and ready condition. The New Age is upon us and the integration of humanity in the three worlds warrants definite changes in technique though not in the basic plans.

All this is, however, an experiment and I would remind you that it is an experiment which I and several other initiates are carrying forward as members of a great spiritual organization. If it is successful and if the spiritual momentum set up by all of you is adequate to the effort made and if you can carry on with persistence and with untiring effort and interest, it may be possible to bring the experimental stage to an end; the Hierarchy can then recognize (as effectively established upon earth) certain focal points of energy which can constitute magnetic centers or rallying points for the new religion, the new medicine, the new psychology and education and the new politics. The potentialities are great. The difficulties are not insuperable, otherwise I would not have been permitted to make this great experiment. We enter into no activities which are obviously foreordained to failure. Many experiments are being carried forward today in the world by the various Members of the Hierarchy in their differing grades and with their [72] special groups. This effort can prove successful only in so far as the disciples of the world desire it, make the needed sacrifices and think the various objectives into being.

I am mentioning this at this time because in the press of world affairs, in the struggles of your own individual existence and in the fatigue which is incident to daily work and the consequent physical liabilities, there inevitably comes the cooling down of the earlier arduous and enthusiasm, the tired recognition of the monotony of the demanded effort (with frequent staleness and unenterprising aspiration), which untiring spiritual work demands.

The disciple learns to pay no attention to these recurring cycles and interludes between the pairs of opposites for he recognizes their intermittence. I do, however, seek to point out this point of danger - for danger it is - and ask you to go on with the work just "as if" it were entirely new and fascinating.

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