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Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part VII
It is necessary here for you also to remember that though these groups are intended to be Seed groups of the New Age, two factors in connection with them should be remembered:
  1. They constitute a unique experiment in the sense that - knowing the possibilities and understanding somewhat the forces which are slowly emerging into prominence in a world rapidly adjusting itself to the new rhythms - yet they are primarily an experiment undertaken by me, your Tibetan teacher and a member of a certain standing in the Hierarchy, with the cooperation of certain other initiates. I am not, as I have already told you, the only worker along these lines and these seed groups are not the only units to be found today in the world. There are, for instance, several seed units working out into being within the framework of the Catholic Church, under the inspiration of the Master Jesus. These are, however, somewhat more subjective than are the groups in which I am particularly interested and their emergence is slower but they do exist. There are, also, two such seed groups in China and four in India. I mention this in order to safeguard you against the sense of uniqueness which is the subtle seed of the great heresy of separateness. [73]
  2. These groups of disciples are all passing through the formative stage and change and adjustment is going on. Their pattern is still fluid because too many disciples are receptive to the words of the Masters and are less receptive to the ideas upon which they found their work. This comment warrants your attention. Later, when the needed adjustments are made and groups of disciples can work together without criticism or misunderstanding, then they can pass on to organized group work. This is necessarily dependent upon the general level of the group endeavor, upon their aspiration and their applied persistence. The willingness to work through these groups exists on our side and is found, therefore, upon the inner planes. The providing of an adequate instrument through which we can work must come from you.

The time must come, however, when the work of each group of disciples must definitely integrate and thus change from the theoretical and the experimental to the definite and the practical. Then the period of group usefulness will arrive. This will naturally depend upon two things:

1. When the group reaches a certain stage of synthesis, then it will become possible for the group to work as a group with power.

2. If the group fails to integrate and to take advantage of group opportunity and the particular call to service, then a rearrangement of the personnel will be essential. Certain disciples will then have to drop out and those who have not measured up to the requirements, which their souls have set for them, and to the point of attainment towards which I am expectantly looking, will be absorbed into other groups or form the nucleus of a reorganized unit.

All the teaching on the groups of disciples, functioning in the New Age, is intended for all the groups and for general distribution later on. The teaching upon specific group work will be given up to the point where conscious use of it can be made and the knowledge given can be turned to practical purpose in world service. And, my brothers, it is world service that today is needed. [74]

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