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Discipleship in the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part VIII

The Hierarchy is deeply concerned over world happenings. When the war is over, our work must go forward at any and every cost and in the face of every imaginable obstacle. The New Group of World Servers must preserve its integrity and work steadily and undismayed. The steadiness of those who know God's plan will help humanity and aid the efforts of the Hierarchy. These do not hate and they work for unity - both subjective and eventually objective.

It is wise for human beings to realize that mankind is free. Even the Hierarchy Itself does not know which forces - those of good or those of evil - will ultimately prevail because even if the forces of good triumph where the war is concerned, will they triumph where the peace is concerned? Good must ultimately triumph but the Hierarchy does not know what the immediate future holds for humanity because men determine their own destiny. The Law of Cause and Effect cannot be offset. In those cases where it has been offset, it has required the intervention of Forces, greater than those available at this time upon our planet. These greater Forces can intervene if the world aspirants and disciples make their voices adequately penetrating. . . .

In this time of stress and strain, my brothers, I would remind you that there is no need for the sense of futility or for the registration of littleness. The new groups of disciples are Seed Groups; they are in the dark or growing stage and in the process of expansion - growing silently. This stage is most important for, according to the healthiness of the seed and its ability to cast strong roots downwards and to penetrate slowly and steadily upwards towards the light, so will be the adequacy of the contribution to the New Age which is upon us. I would emphasize that fact to you. The New Age is upon us and we are witnessing the birth pangs of the new culture and the new civilization. That which is old and undesirable must go and of these undesirable things, hatred and the spirit of separateness must be the first to disappear.

The main objective of our joint work is still group integration and the setting up of that inter-communication between [75] the group members which will result in the needed interplay and telepathic communication; this will finally establish that golden network of light which will serve to create a powerful focal point; this focal point will be the agent for the revitalization spiritually of the etheric body of humanity - as a whole. This is an essential and important statement. This focal point will, in its turn, aid in the revitalizing of the etheric body of the planet with new power and with fresh impulse.

I have for several years attempted to be your teacher, your Master and, I think I may say, your friend. There has been established between us a very strong link of love and understanding upon my part and a proved sincerity and a definite wish to cooperate on yours. What is my attitude towards you?

As individuals, you may be of small importance; as units in the group which I am preparing and training for definite service in future lives even more than in this, you are of sufficient moment to warrant my interest. A group is no more powerful than its weakest link and a group suffers esoterically and as a whole and its power is definitely curtailed when one member fails to measure up to, opportunity or recedes into, the glamorous of the personality. This you have seen happen. As individuals I seek to help you but only with a view to your group integration, to your group influence and understanding and your group love, plus the strength which you can each bring to the whole.

I, therefore, appeal to you, as a group, for an intensification of your group love, purpose and service so that the inner, subjective integration may proceed apace. I have three things to say to you today as a group:

First of all, the strength or the weakness of this group of disciples will lie in the fact that the individuals who compose it are not only egoically linked but that there is also a strong personality tie (with all the weaknesses which that may entail) and a deep, if unrealized, affection between each and all of you, even if you have not met each other. The strength of this situation is found in the fact that this condition of unconscious friendship is to be found as the result of many lives of close in the work and also in past personality relations and family ties. The weakness exists in the fact that this [76] situation is apt to make the group personal in its reactions. This group of disciples is intrinsically an entity on all the three levels of the three worlds - physical, emotional and mental - and there is a soul tie as well.

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