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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - B.S.D.
June 1934


It is a year since I gave you any definite instructions and the time has now come when certain changes can be made. The [108] progress towards heart development has proceeded well and the heart center is more alive than heretofore. You are awakening to the consciousness of your brothers' reactions and can more readily identify yourself with them. Do you not see, my brother, how earlier you lived so much in the consciousness which is focused in the mind that your brother's problems were to you more important than he himself? Do you not now realize that your mental ability to grasp his situation interested you more than his troubled soul? Do you not also realize that your deep desire to find the Master and to have with him a definite contact has its basis in an intellectual doubt? The satisfaction of your mental longing to verify the existence of the Masters and to ascertain your own position upon the ladder of evolution was - in those days - stronger than your love of humanity and of service. This condition is now largely remedied and any thinking along the old lines is more in the nature of a relapse of thought than a step backward on the path of progress.

All growth is cyclic and one progresses from step to step in spiral fashion and this ever involves a retracing (apparently) of one's steps. This is, however, an illusion.

I wish today to give you a breathing exercise which will blend and fuse the energies of the centers above the diaphragm. No thought of the centers below the diaphragm need enter your mind. In order, brother of old, that I may know that you understand this work and in order that your brothers in my group may profit from your experience, I would ask you to write a paper upon this triple breathing exercise... I wish you to explain the purpose and the intent of this exercise and note its effect upon the animation of your vital and psychic bodies...

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