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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - B.S.D.
January 1935


I would have you note my form of address. I can now use it, because you yourself have reached a point - long desired in your experience - wherein you now know yourself to be on the Path of Accepted Discipleship. I could not earlier call you this as the outer recognition of the inner status (as well as of inner [109] states of consciousness which is another name for the same thing) must come ever from within the disciple's own nature; we, the teachers, are only permitted to put the seal of recognition upon the fact afterwards. You have for years worked actively upon the mental plane both with and in yourself and also with the many whose lives you are allowed to touch and whose guide upon the probationary path you are. Yet always there has been an ache and a longing for a more emotional and sensitive contact and for an increased heart activity. This you are now acquiring and as a result of the past two years' work (for you only began to shift your focus at the close of 1932), you have begun to link up head and heart. When this is done through the activity of the will and when it expresses itself practically in service, then a man passes on to the Path of Discipleship. He can then find his way also into the group of one of the Great Ones, provided there is a vacancy. This has happened in your case and this you also know for yourself, and hence I can hail you as my accepted brother.

I seek to make a change in your breathing exercise and also in your meditation work and I would ask you in connection with both these to keep a register of results and, at the close of six months, note the general average of the results, any phenomenal effects and any growth in consciousness which you feel can be definitely traced to these exercises. These effects should be looked for, in your case, in the psychic consciousness. It is in this department of your being that there is a measure of arrested growth. The mental tension for thirty years has been such that the free play of the psychic forces has been inhibited.

You are of an age and a mental stability that will make it safe and beneficial if you seek - under my supervision - for a measure of psychic unfoldment. But along that line we will proceed slowly, my brother; for the next six months we will simply follow the method of a general psychic "washing" or purging by the means of the seven dynamic or electric breaths (anent which I will instruct you) sent forth by an act of the will. These will sweep through your whole being and produce a general stimulation that will eventuate in a more general sensitivity. Note, therefore, your response to that inner consciousness [110] and, during the coming half year, keep a most careful spiritual diary, noting every psychic happening, recording each time you may tune in telepathically on the need or with the thought of those around you, putting down every seeming extension of the ordinary sense consciousness and writing down even those things which seem to you speculative and of no real moment. Discriminative recognition is for you the immediate goal. Reveal yourself to yourself on paper, not as regards your longings and aspirations but as regards your growth in sensitivity. Attempt to tune in more consciously with the consciousness of your group brothers. Your diary will interest others and be the guarantee to you of your own development.

You have made real progress, brother of mine, but have only, however, broken ground. For the remainder of your life prepare for the future. Work at the development of a greater psychic response to life itself and to that inner awareness which will make you react to need from the angle of a rounded out equipment; it will be of a psychical nature which can identify itself with the reactions of others and a mental stability which will enable you to work as a soul. Thus you will learn to avail yourself of the knowledge, gained psychically, and to serve with increased effectiveness.

Later, I will (if you progress in sensitivity) train you in the art of psychometric, but the time is not yet.

That the light of your soul and the light emanating from the Master's group may flood your heart and energize your life is the thought which lies in my heart for you.

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