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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.D.O.
February 1938


It will have been clearly indicated to you that you have a definite karmic link both to your fellow disciples and to me. The two are one, however. It is this that has led you in our direction and has enabled you to link up with these initial groups connected with the Masters' Ashrams which are attempting to embody the coming New Age methods of work. Earlier, you have worked with another group. Then the pressure of life and of circumstance and the desire to express yourself in a chosen line of activity, temporarily lifted you out of the group life and your place was filled by another. Now, work is found for you in a group which is to occupy itself with the dissipation of world glamor. I have decided to put you to work in this group because you are relatively free from glamor (I did not say free from faults or from the mental aspects of glamor which we call illusion). This freedom should be of service to the group. You can think with clarity and usually know why you act in a particular manner, for you seldom act without some preparatory thinking or without arriving at some sufficient and adequate reason (not feeling emotion) for so acting. Will you remember this as you work in my group and later - as the group works unitedly to dispel prevailing glamorous - will you work with them intelligently and with power as they learn, with you, to master glamor in their own lives? When a man has learned to dominate conditions through the power of his [132] soul, then he can work in the midst of conditions, untouched and constructively. Will you try to remember this?

This group work is either of moment and useful, or else it is nothing but a chimera and a waste of time, having no real purpose and serving no useful end. If the groups of disciples on the outer plane which the Masters are now forming throughout the world can be regarded as among the Seed Groups of the New Age and can likewise be of immediate service in the stage of earlier preparatory work in which we now find ourselves, then it is worth while from many angles to give time and effort (in order to cooperate constructively when the time comes) to the fulfilment of requirements. Coming in, as you have done, several years later than the majority, in order to take the place of D. A. O., there is a good deal of information to be mastered and much earlier instruction to be studied. If you will do this, then you will be able to work with understanding with your co-disciples. Take at least a year going over the earlier teaching re maya, glamor and illusion. You will find much to interest you....

You are a creative worker and have also the ability to work in several creative ways. You are both an artist and a writer. This means that your soul can reach expression and usefulness along two channels. You have, therefore, two definite assets to contribute to world service and two points of expression whereby your soul and your brain are en rapport. Such channels are necessarily media of relation and down them light can flow, irradiating dark places. I would like to point out that creative workers in any field are primarily those who can destroy those glamors to which humanity is prone. These are found in those fields of illusory activity which men have themselves created. You are taking the place of a creative worker who succumbed - sincerely and honestly - to the glamor of a "free and independent soul" - a paradoxical idea and one which shows forgetfulness of the fact that the heresy of separateness, of aloneness and of independence is a part of the world glamor. This brother was thus unable to cooperate and valued his "personal freedom" higher than the planned group activity and thus for two years delayed this group of workers from arriving at [133] the intended activity. Will you, therefore, seek rapid integration in order to hasten the intended accomplishment?

To help you do this, I shall not assign you a great deal of personal work or outline to you much individual activity. I will, however, indicate the three rays of energy which constitute your personality. As you already know, your soul ray is the second and your personality ray is the fourth. A study of these five rays and those of your fellow disciples will show you where points of relation exist, where the lines of least resistance will be found and where you may look for rapid comprehension and understanding cooperation.

Your mental body is on the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict and hence your pliability, your sense of relationship and your rapid grasp of mental truth. Illusion will ever be a more ready snare to you than glamor. This Ray of Harmony through Conflict is that bridging ray which will, in your case and through the mind, bring about an increasingly rapid establishment of contact between your soul and your personality.

Your astral body is on the second ray and this will be sufficiently obvious to you, giving you those difficulties and those opportunities which lead eventually to expansions of consciousness and that sensitivity to the psyche in others which has been the basis of much of your most successful work.

Your physical body is on the seventh ray, which gives you a sense of the relationship between spirit and matter, between soul and body and enables you, if so you will, to be a constructive agent in magical work. Your rays are, therefore:

  1. The ray of the soul - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.
  2. The ray of the personality - the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.
  3. The ray of the mind - the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.
  4. The ray of the astral body - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.
  5. The ray of the physical body - the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order or Magic.

[134] It will be obvious to you that the major line of force in your equipment, relating you to others and facilitating contact, is the second ray with its subsidiary expression, the fourth ray. This is a definite asset and an opportunity but it also makes possible certain liabilities. These should be offset by a stiffening of all first ray tendencies in order to bring about a needed balancing. I would add that

  1. Your soul energy seeks expression through the vital body.
  2. Your personality force is focused in the astral body.
    Read what I said to I. B. S. in order to understand the significance of the above.
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