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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.D.O.
February 1939


You have now completed a year's work with me and in this group of disciples. You have had this time for clarification of your thoughts and to give you the opportunity to define clearly to yourself the objectives and purposes of the work which this group should soon begin. You start somewhat handicapped as we have waived all the initial work and preliminary training in your case. You are starting in at the stage of organized group work. Will you do this with patient application and an unquestioning but voluntary obedience? Let not world glamor overcome you and see to it that you are not drawn into the vortex of fears and of pessimism which surrounds so many people these days.

As I have earlier told you, you are relatively free from glamor but the forces today are so strong that all disciples must definitely protect themselves. For you, this protection lies in some form of creative work. This is made easier for you by the fact that your personality ray and the ray of your mind are identical and also because your soul, anchored and focused in your etheric body, can - if you so choose - galvanize your physical body into almost any kind of needed creative activity.

One of the things which all disciples have to learn to do is to avail themselves of the forces and energies which are theirs by right of inherent possession; these are, however, but seldom employed with understanding by the average man or woman. [135] They are usually the victims and not the users of these powers. Few realize how stupendous are the energies upon which they can draw at will. Your problem is predominantly the establishing of a dynamic relation between all the inner and subtler forces which are focused in your etheric body so that you can occultly "bring through" into outer expression, via the physical brain, the riches of realization, of understanding and of wisdom which are your possession. This bringing through is not accomplished by you as adequately as it might be, though you do succeed at times in so doing. You should aim at the outer expression of the inner nature with greater frequency and should seek to make the conscious link between the outer and the inner more dynamic and real. Ponder on this. The strength, wisdom and love of every disciple in the world today is earnestly needed. Humanity is demanding help and the Hierarchy is asking for cooperation.

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