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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - F.C.D.
June 1934


You stand at the verge of a real expansion of your work and for this you must prepare yourself. This, I believe, you already realize. It is, however, in the use of the spiritual will on your part that the release to full liberty of action will come. Your life has been a discipline, but the fruits of that discipline will demonstrate as you open the doors and also close them upon ancient imprisoning limitations. You know well whereof I speak.

First, I would say to you these words, disciple of the Master K. H. who has also been to me a wise and guiding Teacher: Relinquish that close attention to the lives of those around you which is the easy way of working for all who are second ray disciples. Their sense of responsibility is so great and their desire to shelter and to guard so strong that they unduly cherish those who are linked to them by karmic obligation and whose lives touch theirs in the life of every day. Go your own way with strength and silence, and do that which your soul demands. Let not the lesser voices of the loved and near deflect you from your progress upon the path of service. You belong now to the [141] world, and not to a handful of your fellowmen. This is not an easy lesson to learn, my brother, but all disciples have some day to learn it and it is an appropriate lesson for you at this time. The call has gone out for Servers and all who are pledged disciples must be the first to make response. This will involve sacrifice but you can be depended upon to make it.

Your health is better and will continue to be so, if you watch with care and keep the earlier rules I gave you as to diet, etc. You may find that in the coming years, your hours of sleep will be less. This will be good, not bad, my brother, for too much sleep leads to diminished etheric force. A hint suffices for the wise disciple. More air and sun, less sleep and fewer human contacts are for you the rule in the future. Into these words read their hidden meaning. Clearer I may not speak for these words will be seen by others. But should you not with clarity understand, ask A. A. B. whose problem was in some points yours. I have told her certain things of value to you but she hesitates to speak and hopes you will comprehend without too much interpretation. I think you will, for your intuition is awakened and your devotion to the cause of the Great Ones is real and you have had much experience with other people. Your main task, at this time, is to get yourself ready and in a good physical condition for the demands upon your time, your strength and your heart which will surely come....

For you this year the emphasis must be laid upon the stabilizing of your spiritual routine. Should you feel able to do so and the press of work permits (you see, I make not my request imperative) I would like you to write an article upon the Power of the Dedicated Will. It is the use of the will aspect that second ray disciples have to acquire and this, for you, is an immediate problem. The will of persistence you have. The dynamic will which breaks down barriers and carries all before it is your next achievement and unfoldments. May the power and the blessing of your Master rest upon you, my co-disciple.

I seek to answer the two questions you have asked me. As regards Z, the extroverting process must continue and go forward and I make the suggestion that he wait another six months or a year before he again takes up the earlier work which occupied him. He will have much to do as your work expands [142] and grows and his moments of crisis will be real, for your work will assume proportions which his cannot during this incarnation.... Let him work first of all for alignment with his soul and then meditate, for from his own soul, his true counsel must come...

Your suggestion, secondly, that there should be a center at X of international usefulness is of real value and can be materialized if you work without haste and keep the conditioning of it in your own hands and in the hands of no one else. Meditate much upon it but take no steps until after... In the secret place must your plans be wrought out and two men (who could be of assistance to you) have not yet been prepared; one of them you have not yet met. Think out with clarity, therefore:

  1. The note that you seek to sound.
  2. The work on the physical plane which the proposed center should do.
  3. The principles which must govern all action which you deem should be taken.
  4. The necessary linking which should be done if the work is to be truly non-racial and planned to dispel some of the world glamor.
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