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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - F.C.D.
January 1935


It will be obvious to you now how true were my words in my last communication when I foretold the growing expansion of your work. That has happened and the past year has seen you making many contacts and the increase of your influence in your own country and throughout the world is far greater. The decisions you make and the discipline to which you may voluntarily subject yourself will determine the scope and the extent of your future possible work. Everything lies in your own hands and in your capacity to make wise adjustments.

As you well know and as I have already told you, your problems are intimate ones for they concern your home relations and your personal, physical health. These you must solve yourself in your own way and no outsider may do more than suggest and indicate. That, I have attempted to do. The physical [143] weakness has its seat in a constant draining and leakage of the etheric body. This keeps you devitalized and hence the emphasis I have sought to lay upon the need for sun and air. Too long hours of sleep increase the drainage of vitality. Sleep recharges the tired body and fits it for the next day's work, but eight hours' sleeps each night suffices you. Your true vitalization must come from the soul. You will not get it from excessive sleep and this is surely proved to you, for you sleep much and yet are ever tired. Forget not that a weakened etheric body is easily drained by other people though they do this quite unconsciously. Therefore, for you, close contact with others is not desirable - not only from the standpoint of your health but from the angle of the status which you have reached upon the Path of Discipleship.

Your aura requires sealing (if I may use so unusual a term) and the leakage now present can then be stopped. This cannot be done, occultly speaking, until you have made some changes in your life. Close intermingling with the auras of other people causes in your case a constant seepage of vitality, for you are constantly oriented towards giving. Your course is obvious but more I cannot say nor shall I again make reference to this matter.

Your problem is a very real one, but by no means an unusual one; it must be faced with common sense, loving understanding and wisdom. You must take the attitude of a disciple whose work and time is needed by the world in this hour of urgency. All problems are susceptible of two methods of solution, once the nature of the problem is seen and realized. There is the method of a sudden and drastic adjustment, whereby the old conditions are abruptly ended and a new state of affairs is inaugurated. This method - though oft the best - is not easy for the second ray disciple. The other is that of a gradual readjustment accompanied by outer explanation, until in time the same condition is brought about as in the first method. This is the usual method for a second ray disciple. Between these two you must choose, unless, my brother, you prefer to leave things as they are.

One thing I will add before definitely closing this subject. When the heart is full of love and the head is full of wisdom, [144] nothing then is ever done that can cause distress to others in the long run. By this, I refer not to action but to the fruits of action. A decision can be made and a line of conduct followed (and the decision can be right) but the eventuating conditions may not be harmoniously adjusted unless there is a subjective freedom from fear, a heart full of love and that loving understanding which is the truest wisdom. The man who is fearless, wise and loving can do anything and the effects will be harmless and good producing.

Persevere with the meditation upon which you are now engaged... Meditate constantly upon the will - consecrated to active, loving service. It is the use of the will that is of importance to a disciple, for the rightly directed will is the controller of force and the disciple works in the realm of forces. And, my brother, not only karmically but because the same great Master has been our guide, there is work that you and I can do - both inwardly and outwardly in the world. There is true service that you can render. But your work is that of director and inspirer. Very seldom is the second ray disciple a good executive, unless the secondary ray makes him so. Executive work and Organization are not for you. You must learn to work through others, awakening them to a sense of responsibility and galvanizing them into activity. By the steady power of your own inner radiance, you must hold your workers steady.

The task of finding the right people and of inspiring them is your immediate task. I would not help you and would only limit you within the boundaries of my own work (note that phrase, brother of old) if I said to you: So and so must be approached, or, there is the man I foretold would help your endeavor. You are in training as wielder of men and a guide of aspirants in the building work of the New Age upon which the Great Ones are now engaged. You must learn discrimination and understanding and right choice - through experiment, through failure and through success. All men are souls. Yes, my brother, but all men are not yet ready for disinterested service. Right judgment is a needed quality for you when considering people. For the work which you seek to vitalize, look not for the sweet, the gentle, the kind and tender because so many very good people are oft unintelligent and lazy. Look [145] for those strong souls who, responding to the need of humanity and reacting to the impulse of love (which you so richly shed) are yet capable of thinking in strong terms, are vital in their planning, consecutive in their activity and who waste not time in beautiful visionary dreams. The visionary mystic senses the ideal but (using not his mind) makes no compromise between the wonderful ideas which may materialize in a far distant future and the present period of hard necessity. Look for those who may not resemble you in their second ray background, but who give you of their confidence and love because they recognize your wisdom, realize your inner link with the Hierarchy and lean on your experience and soul strength. Attract not to yourself for the work you seek to do, the sweet and feeble, the weak, well-meaning, gently ineffectual person. Look for the strong souls through whom you must learn to work. Look for those who can cooperate with the Plan.

Look also for your co-workers outside the ranks of the psychologically distressed and the abnormal people... You must refrain from welding them into any structure which you may build for the Great Ones. They are not yet ready and would constitute poor stones in the building and weak links in your work. You must build for the future.

I have spoken to you thus at length because your work as a building cooperator can now begin. Symbolically, I say to you: Look for those who have blended head and heart and above whose foreheads shines the mystic symbol of the builder.

That you may integrate more freely and more fully in the work of the Great White Lodge and enter into a closer fellowship and relationship with the builders of the New Age is the earnest wish and prayer of your friend, your brother and your teacher.

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