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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - F.C.D.
July 1935


There has been for you lately (as for so many) a time of testing; yet it has been at the same time a condition of consolidation, preparatory to the work of building to which I referred in my last instruction. I am dealing with "building groups" - those groups which are coming forth along the teaching line [146] and which are constructing those thought-forms which will embody the new techniques and ideas. These - during the next two centuries - will change the face of our civilization and inaugurate a period in human history in which methods will be tried and principles established which remain as yet totally unknown to the majority. That period will lead the race into a civilization and a mutual, cooperative interplay which will bring to an end the present era of selfishness and competition.

You are predominantly the teacher and have needed to learn (and still need to do) three things:

First, you need to acquire that inner, divine detachment which sees life in its true perspective. A man is thus left free and untouched by aught that may occur. The ideal attitude for you is that of the Onlooker who is in no way identified with aught that may happen on the physical and emotional planes, and whose mind is a limpid reflector of truth. This truth is intuitively perceived because there are no violent mental reactions or emotional states of response; the vehicles of perception are quiet and therefore there is nothing to offset correct attitude. When this state of consciousness is achieved, you will be able to teach with power and at the same time possess that also which must be taught.

Secondly, you must acquire an increased ability to voice truth through the medium of the written word. Opportunity will come to you to reach the world with ideas that are relatively new; that which you write can be printed and circulated... But, my brother, you must work for a year at the organizing of your thought and material, so that you can reach the thinkers of the world with the new ideas in the field of that oncoming major science, that newer field of service - the field of psychology...

You have a capacity for clothing an idea in its appropriate garb. You could write a book which would be a synthesis of these new psychological ideas, subordinated to a central theme, which would dominate them as the head dominates the activities of the body. It is upon this central theme that the brooding process to which you are called must take place. You must know with clarity what is the new thing which you seek to give to the world. Then and only then will the many true ideas [147] which ferment so facilely in your mind drop into place and form the pattern of the garment which will clothe your theme with beauty and give it expression. The writing of this book should be your main, subjective endeavor during the next few years. It must be wrought out in the crucible of energetic living and must not be the product of a seclusion, produced by withdrawing from outer activity. Your best work must be done in spite of all hindrances and because the urge to give these ideas to the world will surmount all obstacles.

Finally, continue with the task of finding those strong souls who can belong to the New Group of World Servers, if given right training. Train yourself in that discriminative ability which will enable you to find those who will warrant the expenditure of your time and strength and of your thought and energy - from the standpoint of the Hierarchy and of the work that the Hierarchy seeks to accomplish. Study these words, for they give you the clue to the type and quality required.

Your problems of adjustment must still continue till solved, and the processes of detaching yourself from too close a contact with the auras of others must proceed and must be carried into the field of your service to others. I see in you a better comprehension of this problem and an increased facility in application. You are learning fast, my brother, and will find ample compensation as the work proceeds. Go forward to a fuller release and, therefore, to fuller power to serve.

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