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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - J.W.K-P.
July 1937

Your mental body, my brother, is upon the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict. Hence your power to harmonize, to unify and to comprehend. At the same time (thus indicating soul purpose), it took a fourth ray mental nature (with its love of harmony through conflict) to handle the particular task which your soul assigned, and the undertaking upon which you are engaged in the aiding of the Plan.

Your second ray astral body greatly facilitates your work, giving you understanding and harmlessness; your emotions thus do not interfere with your judgment and your decisions. But the combination of a fourth ray mental body and a second ray emotional vehicle requires careful watching so as to preserve the first ray balance as you grow older and tendencies crystallize into habits. The only way to do this is to deepen and establish the soul contact which (although of the first ray) is, as you will remember, the first subray of the second ray.

As you have already guessed, your physical body is on the seventh ray. Hence your Masonic opportunity and your ability to organize and to rule. I would remind you all that when the statement is made that the physical body is upon the seventh ray, it means that the atoms of the brain, in particular, are colored and motivated by seventh ray energy. So it is with all the rays upon which a physical vehicle may be found. This provides a definite opportunity to those so constituted at this time in connection with the seventh ray, as it is coming into influence so rapidly. At the same time it provides a problem that unending problem of the balancing of forces which is the major task of the initiate or of those in training for initiation. Viewing you, therefore, as a complete unit, your rays are:

  1. The soul ray - the first Ray of Power or Will.
  2. The personality ray - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.
  3. The ray of the mind - the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.
  4. The ray of the astral body - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.
  5. The ray of the physical body - the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order. [169]
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