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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - J.W.K-P.
January 1938

Three words I gave to you, my friend and brother, in my last communication. They were: Responsibility, Sacrifice and Comradeship. I urged on you the task of awakening the aspirants by whom you are surrounded to an understanding of their significance. You comprehend them yourself, but they must be exemplified, explained and nurtured in all whom you draw into the circle of group influence as collaborators and cooperators with the Plan. Responsibility you can shoulder and have always shouldered. Sacrifice you have always rendered and understood. Your values are sound on this and you want nothing for the separated self. Comradeship, you are learning and it is not an easy lesson at any time for first ray souls to master and express. The littleness of the personalities and the pettiness of individual points of view are irksome to the server of the Plan who stands, serene and detached, upon a first ray pinnacle of vision and resultant comprehension.

I have three points to take up with you and my message to you is brief. I seek not to impose upon you a definite meditation, beyond suggesting that, as you face and shoulder an increasingly wide financial responsibility, you persist in that brooding meditation in relation to the problem which I gave you a while ago. You are coming - as a first ray disciple who is proving himself - under a closer supervision by your Master. My task is now only to stand by. The three points which I would impress upon you are as follows:

  1. Waste not time in backward looking nor in futile consideration of the wisdom or the non-wisdom of past undertakings. Go forward with confidence and intensity. Months of focused and intense action lie ahead of you and, rightly carried forward, success awaits you in the gathering of the needed equipment to do the Master's work and aid the Plan.
  2. Handle with care the force which flows through you as you shift increasingly into the consciousness of your first ray soul and into a first ray Master's group. See to it that your second ray personality can rightly deal with that force, blending it with love and tempering its power with [170] understanding. The first ray force must deal with circumstance and must not make its impact upon personalities. It is needed to force issues and determine results (note that phrase) but not to shatter and to hurt. True impersonality must be borne in mind and your personality must note its effect upon other personalities and offset its innate and oft most useful destructive work.
  3. Ponder on joy, happiness, gaiety and bliss; these release the channels of the inner life and reach - in a wide circle - many kinds of men. They heal and cleanse the physical body and help you do your work with little effort, a proper sense of values and a detachment which is based on love and not isolation.

In closing I would say: I am not dissatisfied with the work which has been done by you and the workers in the field but I call you all to deeper understanding and increased activity.

For you, my brother, I have this word. Let not the glamor of fatigue and of disappointment over world conditions lead to abortive work. Fight not the glamor which seeks to impose itself upon you with your first ray indifference - a potent attitude easily assumed by you as by all first ray types. Fight it by non-recognition and by complete absorption in the immediate task; I refer to a wise absorption which neglects no due physical care nor due time for relaxation. The work goes forward in the world along the correct, indicated inner lines. The disciple who has achieved a measure of sensitivity to the whole must learn to discriminate between aspects of that whole. You are too sensitive to the desire and feeling aspects of the world personality and the glamor of your own reaction to this. Learn to register with equal sensitivity the mass of the world idealisms and aspiring thought; then the glamor of fatigue and of innate disgust will give place to a keen interest and understanding of the glamor-free disciple.

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