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Discipleship in the New Age I - Personal Instructions to Disciples - C.A.C.
To  C. A. C.

August 1937


You have been asked to serve in my group of disciples for three reasons. It might interest you to know what they are, for then you can serve more intelligently, and that is ever your desire. I give them to you in order of their importance, beginning with the least important at the present time and yet, perchance, with one which you can most easily recognize.

  1. An ancient karmic link with me, your Tibetan Teacher, and also with a co-worker, in a chosen field of service.
  2. A basic and lifelong interest in the field of education. This will make our chosen theme for study to have much significance and interest for you. [204]
  3. A definite and recognized inclination towards all that concerns the New Age. It is this consciousness of the new incoming influences which has brought you into a New Age group.

I am glad, my brother, to have you associated with this group and I believe that you will benefit much, as well as bring much of benefit to others. Such work as you are now undertaking brings with it its own difficulties and problems. These are not yet particularly apparent as the group is only in process of integrating and the true group problems (to which I am here referring) can only emerge after the group brothers have worked together for some little time. They are problems of temperament and occasionally of injudicious action, problems of understanding and of interpretation, and also problems of application of the peculiar New Age teachings to the present time. This latter problem involves also the problem of right compromise, and a true sense of the time values.

The life period ahead of you is that of the sannyasin, of the one who - having tasted to the full of life experience - is now dedicated to the life of spiritual values and to their teaching to others. Ponder on this.

I am assigning you no special work. I would ask you to study the instructions I have given to this group with care and with as much speed as is consistent with careful study and understanding. You can then take up the work intelligently along with the other group members, and proceed with them to the next step and the next unit of teaching.

I know you have thought much upon the subject of which rays condition what are your rays and the dominant forces with which you have to work in this incarnation:

Your soul ray is the first Ray of Will or Power, as is also the ray of your physical body. Hence, if you so choose, comes the facility and ease with which your soul can impress your brain. This tends also to make you very intuitive, though not at all psychic. It gives you - again if you so choose - organizing power, and the use of a dynamic, spiritual will which can carry you through and over all obstacles. Use it, my brother, with greater frequency - not on others but on yourself and in connection with anything you seek to do in the working-out of the Plan. [205]

Your personality ray is the second Ray of Love-Wisdom and this enables you safely to evoke and use your first ray Will, for it will then be inevitably modified by your personality focus. You will note, therefore, how this tends to make you fairly well-balanced, when you act as a personality or as a soul.

Your mental body is on the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict and this, at times, upsets your balance and your equilibrium. Your desire for harmony sometimes produces short-sighted vision and you tend to act precipitately. When this occurs, you later discover that you initiated conflict instead of having instituted harmony, as had been your original intention. But you can learn much thereby, because, in the last analysis, the fourth ray governs humanity itself as well as this planet, the earth; your fourth ray mind can always, therefore, put you in touch with the world of men, and do it with greater safety than can your emotional nature. This fact, coupled with the wisdom and love of your personality, should aid you greatly in the task of working with people which is your chosen field of endeavor and expression.

Your astral body is, as I dare say you have suspected, upon the sixth Ray of Devotion. This gives you idealism, devotion to causes, your power to sacrifice and your determination always to produce good out of seeming evil. This latter characteristic is outstandingly yours. I would like here to call to your attention that there is a lack found in your equipment of the modifications of the first ray line of energy. You have none of the forces of the third, fifth, or seventh rays in you at all. Balance is preserved through your first ray aspects. Therefore we have:

  1. Your soul ray - first Ray of Will or Power.
  2. Your personality ray - second Ray of Love-Wisdom.
  3. Ray of the mind - fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.
  4. Ray of the astral body - sixth Ray of Devotion.
  5. Ray of the physical body - first Ray of Will or Power.
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